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what a day!

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yesterday was not such a good day :roll:
I took 2 of my cats, Leo and Charlie, to the vet. one cat is so heavy(23 pounds), I had to put the carrier that he was in..(they were both in the same carrier, a mistake I will not make again)..on a cart with wheels, because I just could not carry the cage, and the thing went over a bump in the sidewalk on the way to the parking lot, and it fell over! it is kind of funny now but not yesterday! Charlie was already terrified, because shortly before I had to leave, the guy came ot read the meter, and that sent Charlie under the couch hiding, and I had to chase him out of there. then he got dropped and if Leo landed on him that had to be uncomfortable! then I found out Charlie is too fat! he looks so thin to me, but he is longhair and I guess I couldn't tell, he has alot of fat on his tummy!the good news is that he is young and very active, if I cut down his food,I'm sure he will lose it very fast.

the whole day just kind of seemd to go like that, with this and that.

Leo is also young but not at all active, the vet gave me a diet to follow for Leo. I really hope it works, because I have been trying to get him to get moving around and have been feeding him low calorie food, maybe this diet will help, it is where I can feed him 3-4 cans of fancy feast canned food a day, but only certain flavors..has anyone heard of this? I guess it a new diet they have discovered for cats, certain flavors of fancy feast are low in fat...? I think 3 or 4 cans a day is ALOT of food, but I bought some yesterday and I will give it a try.

so now only Louise is thin.I guess I just overfeed the poor things!
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Aw, when it rains it pours. As Scarlett said "Tomorrow is another day."
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hope things look up!
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hmmm..my boy boy is fat too..so we try to cut down on his food...he has a light formula for his dry and he gets only one can of fancy feast a day..no more than that...hope it helps..
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