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Originally posted by WillowsMom
Boy just finding all sorts of info on here tonight!!! I was going to post a tread about micro chips tonight but then I found this one! there's a shelter out here in the Denver Metro area that does microchiping for only 20 bucks! so next payday I am taking my willow to be microchipped!
$20.00 is a good price. Just make sure that the microchip is a "universal chip". That means that it can be read by most scanners if not all. If it is not...I would pay the extra money and go with an Avid or Homeagain microchip which are universal from what I have read.
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We went to the vet to get some frontline, so I asked them about the micro chips. My vet will put one in, and including the registration fee for a total of $48. My mom said she would look at it, but she doesn't see the need. Maybe I'll pay for it myself. I want to get Patches micro chipped, but my mom really doesn't think that it is needed. I'll ask her if I can pay for it. I've heard so many horror stories about collars, I don't know about getting one. It doesn't sound like the break away collars really break away. I guess I'm just puzzled about what to do. I could get a collar and not get her chipped, I could get a collar and have her chipped. I could not get a collar, but have her chipped, or I could not get a collar, and not get her chipped. If I do anything, I will be paying for it. (keep in mind I'm 14 and I'm not rich). I do have the money for both, but which way should I go?
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I would get Patches microchiped and skip the collar. For $48.00 it will buy you alittle piece of mind knowing that it is done. Even with a chip there is no gaurantee that you will get your pet back if it gets lost. Tell mom that this is the high tech way to go now a days for finding lost pets. Chipping just increases your chances of getting your pet back. It cannot prevent theft if someone finds and decides to keep you cat. You might want to call around to a few shelters in your area.....you can usually get it done for less money. Just make sure that it is a "universally read chip."
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I'll look around for a shelter. Most around here are killing shelters, but if I'm going there just to get patches chipped, then maybe I'll survive the thought that they kill animals on purpose. I'm really against them, but I'll check it out. Any other opinions?
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All of my animals are chipped; all are indoors. It is a onetime fee.

When an animal is "dropped off" at our vet clinic: we always scan to see if the cat or dog has a chip. At my no-kill animal shelter where I volunteer, we scan and chip all animals.
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Registration is a one time fee; and it lasts the lifetime of the animal.
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I am a big time cat person......my boss let me take her cat in today to get the Avid microchip. His name is "HEY" and he is an indoor cat only. It is for security because he will sneak out when you are not looking
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Wow, that's so nice of you!! Your boss is a very lucky person.

"Hey" is certainly a different kind of name.

I researched all this microchip stuff a while back also and decided to fit all our guys, especially since I called our local shelters within a 50 mile radius and they all told me they have universal readers. Hubby read about a new chip that would work like a radar, you can track exact location up to a certain distance. It's going to take couple years to get it researched and marketed, but boy, am I excited. Our cats are indoor only, but I worry about disasters. We're right on a fault line.
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