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a vacation to get over my vacation?!?

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Well, I'm home after 2 weeks on the road. Spent 1 week travelling, and 1 week in P.E.I (Prince Edward Island). I'd been to the island about 10 years ago, with my father, and absolutely LOVED it. So this time, I went with my mom and our 5 year old dog, Dixie. It was less fun this time around, since we got about 2 days of sunshine (got a nice sunburn on the 2nd day, while beach-hopping), and the rest of the time it was overcast or raining or thunderstorming... We still managed to get a fair bit of sightseeing in, and both the dog and I came home thinner! (In my case, that's not actually a good thing.). But with the quiet of the vacation, I sort of feel like I didn't get a full vacation, and it's sort of bumming me out. Did get to visit my god-parents, though. Hadn't seen them since the last time I was there with my dad. And my mom hadn't seen them in 20-30 years!!! How are others' vacations going? Been anywhere interresting?
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I cant afford to go anywhere
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I'm leaving on Saturday for my vacation, but it's kind of a "working" vacation. I'm the Administrative Support for the Colorado Highpower Rifle Team at the National Matches in Ohio. Been there many times as a shooter, but this year I'm just supporting. But they are paying for the trip for all my work, so I can't complain. Should be fun. And I'm going to meet Christy while I'm out there, so I'm really excited about that!

Don't feel bad Sicy, this is the first time in about 5 years that I've gone anywhere for vacation, except for in-state weekend camping once a year.
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I have a 2-week break between summer and fall semesters. Duffy is due for his 12-week vet visit next week, and will soon need neutering. Penny's eye is going to require some more money to get it sutured shut. I would love to go somewhere, but since spending $1100 on sick cats in the last 2 months, and a few hundred dollars more for future cat care, I just can't afford to go anywhere.

When my husband died, I inherited his frequent flyer miles from Northwest. (Wasn't that nice of Northwest to transfer those miles to me?) I have over 450,000 flyer miles, but it still require money to eat and sleep. I'm seriously contemplating selling some lake property I own. It would be nice to have the cash on hand so I could do some nice things for myself every once in a while.

In the meantime, I guess I'll just hang around the house and do house things. My windows are starting to get mildewed and I need to get that under control. The garage could use some straightening up, so could the basement. The carpets are due for a good cleaning, and the walls could use a fresh coat of paint. I've got plenty of stuff to do around here that's for sure.
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vacation? Huh? Wazzat?
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last yr i've just been to phuket in thailand..then went to the james bond island...it's really a paradise!!!! sad to say, i've been there with my exbf..so that place is kinda sad to me now....sigh.....
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