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getting thinner etc  

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Noticed tonight that Vicki (aka tripod as has only three legs) is getting thinner. The vet cannot find anything wrong with her - bar the fact that she turned into the demon from hell in the vets - just how do you get a three legged tortie out of a cat carrier when its vertical and you are all trying desperatly to get her out!
Anyway - shes possibly 9 - as a guessimate - I know my other cat Brandy is a beefcake - strong little munchkin he is - Vicki can malt for Britain and I know its been warm these last few weeks - could she just have lost her winter coat and then now be her natural weight - however, she does feel thinner and lighter. She eats brilliantly - is there any food that you know of that would enable a bit of weight gain?
She was fat when we got her from the RSPCA, then as she has a heck of a lot of freedom here she lost weight - just wondering if now its warmer - shes excersising more?
Ideas would be appreciated.

Cringing knowing he has only Friday, sat and sunday before being snipped by the vet - sorry surgeon. Not looking forward to it now - wonder if it will settle me as much as it settled Brandy?

Anyone know for my wife where she can get one of those bucket things that you put on a cats head to stop them licking stitches. My wife thinks it will be a good idea for me!!! Kevin is NOT amused!
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You crack me up!
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Kev, I would have your vet do some bloodwork to check her thyroid levels. Hyperthyroidism is very common in older cats - two of the more common symptoms are weight loss in spite of good appetite, and becoming more skittish. It's a good idea to do what's called a "geriatric profile" workup annually for cats over 8 years of age.

This link talks about senior cats and outlines some common ailments found in older cats:
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Is that crack you up in a good way or bad way?? If I make you smile - then I am thrilled as am a bit of a joker and love to make people smile. For instance - changed the m and n keys round on the guy at work key board today - he spent ages working that one out as well as wondering why his mouse would not work. I had to admit taking the ball out after 10 minutes.

snip, snip, snippety snip :-(
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good way!And I need laugh's!Thank you!!
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I totally agree with Tess. My friend's cat Moose (17) was just diagnosed with a Hyperthyroid, he had lost a lot of weight and was eating like a maniac. He is now on Meds and doing splendidly!!!
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Hope Vicki is doing better by now.

I have a tortie, too (though she has all 4 legs) who is 16 & diagnosed as hyperthyroid about 2 months ago. She was eating at least twice as much as usual, but actually losing weight. She had also become more vocal, constantly meowing.

She's on methimazone now, which is a gel that I rub onto her inside ear flaps twice a day. She's doing great! All of her blood tests are now in a "normal" range, and she's back to eating about as much as she used to. She's also quieted down, but remains active for a senior citizen!

I was thrilled to find out that the medicine was available in a gel form that could be absorbed by the skin. We have not had much success with administering pill and liquid forms of medication in the past. The gel is more expensive than pills, but the additional cost is worth it. She actually seems to enjoy the sensation of my rubbing her ears, so instead of running away when I get out the medicine, she comes running TO me!

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Out of respect for Kev and Vicki, I am closing this thread now. May Vicki be romping peacefully over the Bridge now.
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