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Silly I Know..But I Could Just Cry!

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I've been waiting for Fluffy to do the rub your legs thing which means you belong to me. He's almost 3 months old and nothing I was thinking he'd never do it. Well just now he did it!! Not just once either! He's claimed me! He loves me!! I love my Fluffy!!! :mimouse: :girly2:
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awwww. how cute!! I don't think all cats do that. Moe and neo never have and the kittens don't. The only one that does is sebastian and he is the only one that we got when they were a baby baby. (he was around 3 or 4 monthes old)
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Congratulations - you belong to Fluffy!!!!
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hhheee!!! LOL! this is so cute, how we yearn to feel wanted and needed by our furbabies! mine constantly rubs so much so that a layer of fur accumulates on our clothes!!! Congratulations on being his property, you are now annointed as his slave
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That is so sweet, but be careful what you ask for. You will now have to learn the "Leg Rub Dance" or you may find youself on the floor!
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I don't think your being silly at all, I almost cried last night when our new baby Riley actually came up on my lap. He didn't stay long but it was the thought that counted. In my opinion nothing can make a person feel more loved then a cat coming over & saying "hey I like you".
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I'm so happy for you!

p.s. and the "nighttime hallway shuffle!"
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Awwwwwwwww - how sweet!!! I wish Loki would do it. He just runs next to you with his tail up in the air and stomps his hind legs - I guess that is his version!!!
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Hooray!! That's terrific.
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That's not silly at all! The first time Ophelia really gave me a love fest (she's Daddy's girl, big time) my heart just leapt. I was grinning for two days, I think.
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Thats not silly,the frist time Grayski jumped in my lap I did cry! he was mistreated before I got him.Now he wants belly rubs all the time!
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YAY, Fluffy'sMom so sweet
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Pearl will come up and head butt me on the arm. I have had her for almost 3 years, and she has just recently started doing it. I am tickled pink.
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Yay! Congrats! Zoey does it ALL the time.. I absolutely LOVE IT None of my other cats have ever done it!
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