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My poor kitty

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Well just got back from an ER vet visit. My poor Lady D has a massive eye infection. Hopefully the meds the vet gave us will help her.
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how is she? hopefully it will clear up and you baby will as good as new!

If you want to give her an extra boost, try Grapefruit seed extract GSE, the liquid drop form, put 2 drops in wet food 3 times a day. it can be taken with the meds, and can really help, since I discovered it, when ever a kittie's eye starts up, I give the GSE and in 1-2 days eye all better!! and it isn't harmful either...!!!
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make sure you mix the gse in with the food really good. i put a few drops in there food and i put a few drops in the water, On the bottle it says to make sure not to get in on your skin. So it has to be deluted pretty good.
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Well her eye seems a little bit better already, just with the drops the vet gave her. the only thing is, I'm really afraid of giving the drops tonight. i've never given eye drop medication to any of my babbies & I'm so afraid I'll hurt her.
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I'm sorry for your Lady D's eye infection. I guess in the long run, it is worth putting in the medicine to save her eye and make her better even though it may seem painful at the time of doing it. And she would thank you in the end for it anyway Hope she gets better soon Lots of meows and hugs to her
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I had a cat that used to have jelly squeezed into her eye. She'd fight every single time, but it worked and she lived to 19 without any eye problems after that!

Don't worry, it may be difficult with her, but once they seem to realize that it's helping they seem to be more docile. This only seems to be the case with eyes (not pills).
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Just thought I'd give an update. Lady D is doing much better, she went from not being able to open her eye on Thur to us not being able to tell which eye it was on Sunday. She's still snezzing a little bit but that is doing much better too.
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Glad to hear kitty is doing better. What kind of eye drops do they give for that? I'm just curious.
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Glad she's doing better! Our kitty had an eye infection. They gave us antibiotic ointment with steroids in it. Boy did he fight when it came to putting it in his eye! But it worked like a charm.
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I'm glad your kitty's eye is better!
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