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Coughing? Sneezing? Can't tell which...

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OK...I have a cat with asthma so I know what a cat coughing sounds like. I have another cat prone to URIs and she sneezes a lot, so I know what cat sneezing sounds like. What I can't figure out - is what one of my other cats is doing, though I know its not normal. I'll preface this by saying I'm calling the vet tomorrow morning to get him an appointment but was wondering if anyone knew what this was.

For about a week he's been sniffling. Or so I thought it was sniffling. The best way to describe it is what a human sounds like when their nose is stuffy and they try to push air OUT of their nose. As I said, I have one particular cat prone to URIs and the others get them enough that I wasn't too concerned for the moment. Yesterday the sniffling sound sounded a little worse so I decided to monitor him today and call the vet tomorrow if it gets even worse.

So today I basically stalked him around the house and noticed that its not just the sniffling sound that he's making. In fact, the entire thing might not be sniffling at all. I noticed that each time he did it, his body looked like it was coughing, but his mouth stayed closed and the air came out of his nose. I'm not sure if this was what he was doing leading up to today because I only heard the sniffling sound and didnt really notice how his body was acting too.

So this obviously isn't normal and now I'm concerned that its more than a URI, but I honestly can't tell if he's coughing, sneezing, sniffling or doing something completely unrelated to those 3 options. Has anyone had a cat do this before?

ETA: He's acting completely normal otherwise.
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My dog does something similar and I've found out that it's called reverse sneezing. I did a quick google search and it looks like cats can reverse sneeze too. That could be it. However, with my dog it's just something he does here and there and has his whole life. It's nothing that goes on for days. I thought I'd put it out there though. Maybe it's different in cats.
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Wonder if he's doing exaggerated swallowing?? My cat does that when she has excessive draining. Does he stick his neck out at all when he does this?
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