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Bad idea?? Need advice. . . .

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I lost my sweet boy kitty, "George" on 7/19 unexpectedly.
Although it still hurts like crazy, the initial shock and grief have eased tremendously.

Even though I said (before I lost George), that I'd probably never get more cats when my two are gone (I still have Molly), I lied. My heart is aching for another one already!

I searched out some local pet shelters and found a cat that looks so much like my baby George. His name is Morrel. Is it a bad idea to adopt a cat that looks very much like one that you lost? Has anyone done this?

I don't want to be disrespectful to my little buddy, "George".
On the other hand, there's something about "Morrel" that has already captured my heart. . . . and I've only seen pics of him.

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I think that George wanted yo to find Morrel - his way of saying it's ok mom.....
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I say go for it! You know and you can't replace George but you can give a loving home to another homeless pet. And you should never feel guilty about loving another pet.

Never say never!
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I would say go for it and adopt him, those shelter animals really need good homes! I have a few that came from shelters and they are the most sweet loving cats! It may take a few days for your other cat to get used to him but they would probably be good buddies in no time! You will have to post a pic when you get him home!
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I concur! Go for it! When I lost Webb, my first beautiful red tabby boy, I knew that I would find another one some day. It didn't happen quite so fast as you finding Morrel, but if Leo would have come along the next day, I would have kept him.
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Go for it. Poor kitty needs a good home
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I can speak from just going through this.... DO IT!!!! It is soooo healing, well it was for me.

We had taken in a all black kitten that was about 4-5 monthes old. I have ALWAYS wanted an all black cat. We were very attached to her and she went into liver failure and passed away. We had only had for for two weeks. A few weeks after she passed, our vet told us about a black boy kitty he had just rescued. I said I would NEVER had a solid black cat again, but I went back to take alot. He looked soooo much like the kitten we had just lost, except he had on little white dot on his chest I knew it was ment to be!! it really really helped me. Now i can except that isadora is happy at the rainbow bridge and that little sebastian is here to keep my company
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It sound like a good idea! Molly would probably appreciate the company, too, just take your time introducing them. It may help to soften the grief for both you and your Molly.

After my dog died last summer I didn't want another right away, but hubby's dog was SO lonely, and I really missed having a dog to go hiking with. I looked at all of the animal shelters in town several times over the next several months - the staff got to know me by sight "still looking?" , then one day I saw my new dog & just knew she was the one I wanted the moment I saw her. I still did the temperament tests & checked her out with the cats, though, and she did great! She looks somewhat like my Greta did, but she's a different dog. It was more the connection that I felt when I saw her. It's funny, but when you find the right pet at the shelter it just hits you, doesn't it?
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I say go and visit Morrel and if you want him as your fur baby, you should go ahead and adopt him. Just don't expect him to act just like George, because he's Morrel. Good luck to you and your new fur baby.
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I don't think it matters what they look like. As long as you can remember they're not the same kitty and you love them all it should be fine.

Now I have a problem remember which dog my parents have any more, but if you live with the animal you shouldn't have a problem. My parents only get keshonds and they always get female breeders that are no longer used in breeding so they all look alike. But this one smiles.
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Hi Laurie,
I had to say good-bye to 2 cats and my family insisted on getting a new cat immediately and I´m glad they did.You can still cry holding the new cat in your arms but nevertheless it eases the pain.Knowing that you rescued a little furry should make you happy on top of everything.We only have 2 cats and I feel you can´t have enough. Pity is my son and my hubby don´t share that feeling.I´m so glad we all like cats and can´t do without them. When we were in Greece I could have taken a load home.There were so many tiny sweeties.
Ihope you´ll be happy with your new companion.Don´t forget it´s a completely different cat no matter how similar they may look and don´t start comparing them or to expect similar behaviour.
All the best Elisabeth from northern Germany
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I think you should go for it.You and your kitty will be happy.
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Thanks everyone for the most encouraging advice!
I'm getting excited & anxious now to see Morrell. I hope to go visit him at the Humane Society tomorrow.

It seems to be raining cats. . . .
I read (a few days after losing George) that when the time is right another cat will find it's way into your life.

Well. . . . my Aunt found a litter of kittens (4) & a stray mama cat in her shed (she has old farmhouse in the country that she uses for the summer). She is having a family reunion this weekend and is going to try to place the kitties with anyone who is willing to give them homes. She is quite sure that the mama belonged to someone as she is not afraid of people.

Then my niece called me today to say that a co-worker of hers is giving up her 2 year old male cat. The cat's name is "Murphy".

Morrell, Murphy & Molly. Sound like the 3 Muskateers!
I don't know how I would do with 3 cats though.

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Laurie,I have 5! All Siamese and a litter on the way!
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That is a lot of cats!
I'm just worried about future vet bills. I spent over $1000 on poor George in one year.

And Molly has had her share of problems. . .
Bad teeth (cleanings, extractions)
Impacted anal glands
A fractured pelvis
A polyp in her ear (had to be surgically removed)

They are like children.
I still have a daughter in college and I'm a single mom. . . . so I worry about these things.

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I applaud you for considering the expense of owning a pet.
A former neighbor of mine had a older dog that developed cancer, I went to the Vet with her the day she was given the diagnostics. Her husband did not want to spend the money for the surgery, so nothing was done, the dog suffered for months before they mercifully put her to sleep.
My Son and his wife just spent close to a thousand dollars on one of there dogs that had two seizures, many tests later it was determined he has a thyroid problem. One of there neighbors said to my Daughter in-law, oh just get rid of him and get another, why spend all that money its just a dog. When I hear words like that I know why I prefer animals over some people.
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Thanks for the compliment.
I think because I have been hit so hard with the vet bills since February (and would have spent more if George had a chance of making it). . . I learned very quickly how easy it is to spend big bucks on a cherished pet.

Another poor kitty that was "doing time at the vets" with George. . . his name was "Angelo". . . . had had (2) surgeries. . . and was still having infections in his new site (they created a new outlet for his urine out of his abdomen).

It would be so difficult at that point to decide to save the animal or dish out more $$$. The poor baby must be suffering to be put through so much.

If my animal (God forbid) was diagnosed with cancer, I would opt to make it as comfortable as possible until the pain was not manageable. . . and then put it to sleep.
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I also applaud you for thinking things through before adopting another pet. It is one thing that keeps me from adopting another. I am single with a mortgage and car payment and if Max got ill I would want to do whatever it took to get him better. Right now he costs very little in vet bills because he is only 3 years old. So just the yearly checkup and an ear infection is all I've had to deal with. Like I said though, if he got ill I would spend what I needed to to make him better. He is a huge part of my life, just as I can tell that George was with you.
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If you're only used to having two cats and if Molly's veterinary care tends to be expensive, you may be better off just having two cats. IMO two is better than one because they keep each other company, but more than two is not necessarily better, especially if they might present a financial burden. You sound like a very responsible pet owner! I would personally rather take very good care of a few within my financial means than poor care of many - I have older cats and have made a commitment to take good care of them, and will not reduce the quality of that care by taking on more.
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As someone who has multiple cats, I too commend you for giving this so much thought. It is always wonderful and gratifying to rescue a cat or two, and when you already have another cat, that is in great health, and happy it seems like the humanitarian thing to do. But, what you have to ask yourself is, how will I handle it if resident cat comes down very ill, requiring several vet visits, lots of attention, perhaps even long term care? Do I have enough money in reserve to handle that? Do I have enough time to spend with all the cats so they don't feel left out, should that happen? If the answer is yes, than by all means adopt another cat or two, but if the answer is no then really think about the sacrifices that will have to be made on your part before you decide if it is worth it or not.
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Well, we went to visit Morrell today at the Humane Society. My 2 children had to come along. . . . as well as my daughter's fiance and my niece! I was focussed primarily on seeing Morrell even though all the other cats were practically standing on their heads to capture my attention!
The woman in charge took me directly to Morrell's cage, took him out and handed him over to me! He is so cute! She had me visit with him in a private room. Poor shy guy. . . . when I put him down he tried to hide inside a carpeted cat condo. I pet him and talked to him (my family was busy checking out the other kitties).

I filled out the adoption papers and am planning to take him home tomorrow!!:angel2:

I'm sure he will spend a while hiding from us. He is a very timid guy (much like George was when I got him).

Originally Morrell was a stray that was brought in. He and his sister were adopted by a woman who wanted them for "barn cats". It didn't work out (they were using the horse hay for their litter box) so she returned Morrell to the shelter and his sister is still on the run somewhere (can't be captured).

Morrell was living at the home of the woman who runs the shelter (in her laundry room. . . in a cage). What kind of life is that for a cat??? She was trying to tame him. If he is anything like my George was, that is not the way to get a cat used to you!

Morrell has been back at the shelter since March.

It's time for him to have a real home.

I pray that it works out (especially with my other cat).

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Congratulations on your new kitty Morrel! I'm so happy you went to a shelter for your new fur baby. I hope he will calm down and be the best cat ever.
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Congratulations to you and to Morrel! Post pics of him when you can. He sounds like he's been waiting for you to find him!
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Don't forget to follow the Cat Site's introduction instructions here:
to help your cats start off their new relationship on the right paw.

They worked wonders for me.
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Thanks! I like the blanket introduction idea. I appreciate the tip.
Morrell is currently residing in the basement. . . . only comes out at night to play with his toys & mess up my scatter rugs! He spends most of his time hiding (selects new spots when we find where he is!).

He's eating, drinking, using his litter box. All important to me!

I have a feeling that it may be a while before he ventures on upstairs to meet the rest of the family (& Molly).

It took George a month!

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