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Judge issues Gag Order..

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to the media concerning the past of the woman accusing Kobe Bryant of rape.

Okay, I can see how protecting her past and her name and age and where she is from is 'protecting' the victim. However, what if she isn't really victim, and how on EARTH is it fair to issue a gag order to prevent people from slandering and discussing her past problems that could directly effect the case because of behavior etc, but to allow anyone to say anything they want about Kobe.

Come on. If you are gonna silence the media on her, be fair and silence them on Kobe too. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty and the 'suspect' has just as much right at the 'suspected victim'.

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I think this is just too little too late. Her name, photo, and past are already out there. There is an unwritten rule in the media that alleged rape victim's names are not released. There have been very few exceptions to this (the Kennedy case was one). Thing is, Kobe is used to having his life in the spotlight. This girl has to go back to being just an average person in a SMALL ski town whether he is guilty or not. Already, I think that will be difficult for her.
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The problem with revealing supposed details about the alleged victim's past is that they (true or false) are used to form a public opinion about whether or not she "deserved it", that she is a "loose" or "hysterical" woman and thus by inference incapable of plausibly having refused his advances. I would have hoped that as a society we would have moved beyond that by now. *sigh* A trial should be based on facts and evidence, not the reputation of the alleged victim or of the accused. If you search the internet you'll find that all sorts of hateful rumours about the young woman are being circulated, as well as news reports that her life is being threatened for daring to challenge a sports celebrity. I have not seen any reports chastising Kobe for anything other than adultery, which he has admitted publicly.

I agree strongly with Cassie in that this whole thing should be judged in court by people who have access to the real facts, not rumours. I really wish the press and public would back off both of them until after a verdict is reached.

Also, the suspect in this case can afford to hire bodyguards and jet off to wherever he pleases. The alleged victim cannot, even though she has received death threats, and can't even go to work.
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I agree gag all !
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Originally posted by Cassandra_Starr
Come on. If you are gonna silence the media on her, be fair and silence them on Kobe too. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty and the 'suspect' has just as much right at the 'suspected victim'.
I agree entirely. Although the burden of proof is often placed on the person who reports a sexual assault, and their reputation is dragged through the mud, it really doesn't help justice if either party is subject to rumors and innuendoes. I've stopped listening to any coverage of this case because both people are being tried in the public opinion before the case even starts. I and no one else knows what happened that night, and it should be left to the judge and jury to decide, not the public and the media which choses what to feed the public.
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Why does the public have a need to know anyway? If it was an ordinary rape case you would here nothing about it in the news. It is horrible the fascination people have in watching famous people fall from grace. I am staying far away from ANY coverage of this case - it really is none of my business.
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The article I posted was simply to underscore that point...if you haven't read it, it describes how the accuser's home was burglarized and her life has been threatened.
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