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Need Advice about getting 2nd Kitty...

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My second kitty should be coming home in two weeks, if all goes as planned. I'm concerned, though, about the well-being of my current boy, Simon. If you have any pearls of wisdom to share about introducing a second kitten to a resident cat (and any pitfalls to warn me of), please do share them.

Thank you,

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we had only two kitties for a very long time and just took in 6 kittens so they had alot of adjusting to do! Everyone is getting along okay now. What helped me was a misted my hands with my perfume and let it dry and then I petted the cats. I only let them be together alittle and if anyone hissed I seprated them. It didn't take long at all for them to become friends. Now the two big cats like all cats.
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Way to go Jenk!!!! Mary Anne has written an excellent article on introducing a new cat/kitten into the home. Here's the link: http://www.thecatsite.com/behavior/intro.html

The basic idea is to keep the cats separated and to let them get used to the sight and smell of each other gradually. This is great if you have the space to do it!!!! Living in an RV, we really haven't had that luxury. For the first half-hour, hour or so, we kept the new cat in a large dog crate so everyone could smell and see. Then we'd close the door that shuts the bedroom off from the living room and release new kitty back there. There is a gap between the carpet and the door, and all the regulars would pile up, sniffing and swiping their paws under there. After a while they'd all straggle off. Then we'd open the door.... and when new cat was ready, she or he would come out and check things out. All we did was break up any fights that looked nasty. This didn't really happen much. Usually the new cat would put ears back and hiss if anyone got too close for comfort, and they'd listen and back off. With our scardest cat, Spooky, it took about two weeks for her to let anyone get near here. Sometimes she'd jump out and swat at them. All that did was cause the others to increase their distance from her. But we fed them together, and that helped them get used to each other. But the main point here was that the "introductions" were supervised by us...

Val's suggestion of making the cats "smell the same" helps a lot. But I'd suggest using vanilla instead of perfume. Vanilla is safe for the cats and the perfume has chemicals and alcohol in it.

Also, you can purchase a product called Feliway. The Feliway system is like an air-freshener plug-in, only it releases synthetic pheremones that mimic the scent in the scent glad in cat's cheeks. This is a comforting "smell" for them and helps keep them calmer than they might be otherwise. It is expensive, but I think it works. (We use it).

I can't imagine having just one cat anymore!!! They love the companionship. The only thing I would add is that you should be sure to give Simon extra love and attention. They do get - I don't know if it's actually jealous - but nervous, I think. Since having brought home MaeMae to foster, the whole gang has seemed to need extra love. We also give them extra treats and more personal playtime than normal....

I'm sure it'll go great! Just think about how happy Simon WILL be, and try to communicate that in your vibe to him!
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Jenk, I'm moving this to behavior for you where you'll get the advice you need.
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