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"ewwwww! That is so gross!"

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Penny, as most of you may remember, has a neucrotic eye. It oozes and drips gunky stuff and I'm constantly dabbing at her face to help keep it clean. What really grosses me out is when she rubs her face on me. I can handle it if I'm wearing socks, or pants, but when she makes skin contact...! I say, "ewwwwwww! That is so gross!

Okay, what does your cat do that makes you say, "ewwwwww! That is so gross!"
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Toes will drag his butt across the floor like a dog. He does not have impacted anal glands, the vet has checked several times. He does this to wipe his butt. Now that he's an inside/outside cat it doesn't happen at my Mom's house anymore.
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Molly vomits when she eats too much & too fast. Once it went behind the couch and all over the wall, baseboard, couch, carpet. It was gross.

She also has an anal gland issue (has to have them expressed on occasion). When they are full, she likes to rub her butt up against us. Ick.

Got to love her though!

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Sometimes Peaches gets a little poop stuck to the hair on her butt. I"d like to trim the hair but she won't let me near it!
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stormy has a cold and she sneezes gooyes on me! YUCK!!!!!!!!
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I hate the poop stuck on the butt hairs! Peedoodle often has those, but since we trimmed him, theres been a lot less, thankfully.
He will also lick my lips when I am sleeping. Nothing like cat breath at 4am!
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Trent has issues with hairballs and a sensitive stomach and stress. I deal with cat puke on a fairly regular basis.
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TTmom! Felixia does the "but dragging" too! I've had her checked out many times and she's fine also. Her favorite time & place is on the living room carpet when we have guests that have just commented on how cute she is...right then is when she usually decides to give it a good scoot across the floor!
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Sunshine has such long thick hair that she gets poop stuck down there quite often. Its nasty

We've tried to trim that area, but she will have NO part of that! So, I just grab the paper towels when nature calls.
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Tuxedokitties, yep! That's Toes too, ALWAYS in front of guests.
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Lita my Ragdoll had a very large piece of "fresh" poop stuck on the very tip of her tail. She jumped on my lap swishing her tail back and forth very rapidly because of the weight of the turd.
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my JB scoots his butt on the floor also if he has ingested grass that didn't come out all the way, so he runs around freaking out with this grass sticking out of his butt and then tries to find carpet since we only have hardwood, we have one little carpet in the living room and he attempted to scoot but it's mainly for my son to play on. Anyway, he would scoot on the hardwood and I grab him and take him to the bathroom and pull it out with some toilet paper, ewwwwwwwww, then he meows and howls and then licks my hand as if to say thank you, that's the only reason I try not to puke when I do it.
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Back a couple of months ago one of my three cats.... spewed up on my bed. I don't make my bed and did not notice until I turned out the lights and pulled the blanket across my face and suddenly felt something "still warm" and wet on my cheek I then felt around on the blanket and guess what is oozing between my fingers?
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my Rurnt has a pug nose, and the sinus troubles that so often accompany it. She will come and sit beside you, and if you don't pay attention to her, she'll wipe her nose on your bare arm or leg! EWWWWW! That's why the husband nicknamed her "Snots" as a baby.
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"This one time, at band camp...." just kiddin', just kiddin' (Quote from "American Pie," the movie.)

Once when Dottie came in from laying outside in a flower bed on the north side of the house, she was covered with slugs. She's got super-long and very fine hair, and a lot of underfuzz. The slugs were wrapped up in her fur like little mummies! They were all slimy. It was so gross.
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eek! eeK!!!
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LOL! What a disgusting thread! I'm not going to read anymore. Anyway, at least cats don't do the things that dogs do. A friend emailed me once telling me about her day, which included her having to bathe her filthy dog because he was rolling around in excrement. I also remember that last year my neighbour was trying to keep his dog from repeatedly eating cat poop.
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We had a dog that ate cat poop too. My Mom once put the litter box out on the back porch and within half an hour it was "clean". UGH!!!!!
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omg this thread makes me want to barf! LMAO!
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it's making me sick...
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ew eck ew eck!
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Originally posted by TTMom
We had a dog that ate cat poop too. My Mom once put the litter box out on the back porch and within half an hour it was "clean". UGH!!!!!
That's funny! I guess he thought you put out a nice snack dish for him. Okay, that's it... LOL. I'm going try to avoid looking at this thread again.
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So gross you guys!! And yet I can't turn away.

OK, I hope Reggie's mum doesn't see this but he used to come and sit on my chest and sniff at my mouth if I'd eaten something he liked the smell of. Once, I opened my mouth wide to show him I didn't have any more and he put his head in my mouth (he was only 3 weeks or so) and started to lick my tongue! Phht Phhhhhhttttt!
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When I was first training Toes to lift his nose for kisses he got so excited and licked me and when I started giggling (because it tickled) he got the inside of my mouth too. Eeewwwww! I couldn't kiss him for a while after that. I'm not really into frenching my cat.
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If you have peppermint or any minty breath mint in your mouth and Babycakes is in your lap, you must NOT open your mouth wide or she'll stick her head in as far as she can ! Yes, she has a smallish head, and yes I have a BIG mouth.
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I'm not really into frenching my cat.
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