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Cat dandruff - help.....

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Does anyone have remedy for or suggestions how to treat cat dandruff?

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Add some Omega 3 fatty acid to the diet. Also, depending on the age of the cat you may want a blood panel done. Older cats that get dandruff can also have a medical problem. If the cat is older I would definatly go for a check up. The omega 3 fatty acid I use is called 3v liquid caps. I just pump it onto the dry food. It is the best thing since sliced bread for dandruff.
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Hi Show2N,

I agree with Sandie - it might now be a good time to make an appointment with the vet, scheduling complete blood panel and urine labwork as well as a complete physical exam, including teeth and gums. You didn't mention your cat's age, but any time you have a change in fur coat, appetite, fluid intake/output, behavior or litterbox habits, a vet visit is called for - no matter what the age of the cat. Dandruff can be a symptom of many chronic illnesses, and it is probably a good idea to let the vet assess the situation. Please let us know how things go? I'll be hoping it is something real easy to manage and treat. Best of luck to you.


I LOVE that 3V stuff! I had a diabetic siamese with athritis *sigh* who showed a lot of improvements after we began adding the caps to her treatment plan.

I had read an article on human arthritis that suggested the omega-3 oils act as an anti-inflammatory and that they help make sure the synovial fluids continued to cushion the joints, so I mentioned it to my vet. I had been looking for ways to help manage her pain, and since there are NOT a wide variety of pain management drugs available to cats and tolerated well by them, and he said it certainly couldn't hurt to try them. I started giving her the caps with her morning meal/insulin. It took about 4 days, but all I know is that my cat's dandruff (a symptom of her uncontrolled diabetes) totally disappeared and was replaced by beautiful, soft, shiny fur. Her gait improved to the point where she climbed the stairs (14 of them) 4 times in a 10-day period - she had NOT climbed those stairs for nearly a 2 and a half year period before that.

In fact, the 3V caps worked so well that we took her off of the Cosequin because it elevated her blood glucose levels. She did much better with her sugar lower and the 3V caps - so I just can't sing the praises of that stuff loud enuff!

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