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New kitty owner, kitty has diarreah

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Me and my girlfriend adopted a kitty from the humane society. Sadly about 9 days later he passed away, from what we think was distemper. Due to the fact the humane society claimed they had a small breakout. After he passed his bowl, and litter pan and toys, I soaked in bleach in the sink, and made a mix of 9 to 1 bleach and sprayed it all over, and focused alot more where he had wasted, his food bowl, and his litter box were.

As of last saturday the 26th we got another kitty, from the humane society, 6 days after the previous passed away. We still make it an effort to keep him away from those certain spots, and still continue to every now and then spray them down with bleach. Since we got him we tried a canned food for him, but didnt like the idea. We then tried science diet which he seemed to like, but found he likes purina kitten chow a little more, so I've been doing a mix of them. I couldn't say how much he's been eating, because I've just been keeping his bowl full. Today I cleaned it and replaced it with new stuff, and he started chowing down, which makes me think he'd rather have it fresh oughta the bag

Another thing, me and my gf don't have alot of money, and we saved up for really nice furniture, and being as this kitty is very hyper, we have a cage for him at night, and the day when we are not home. We tried putting water in the cage but he would just spill it all over, so we've just been keeping food in it. Take into account during the day he's in it maybe 30min to an hour. Time from when she goes to work to when I get out. Today I came home, and he was napping in the cage, he came out played a little and then went to the litter box. This time it was diarreah, at 1st it took shape of normal dropping (very wet of course, and then became very runny), being paranoid and not wanting to lose this kitten either, I'm kinda worried. But Im wondering since we keep in a cage during the night without water just food, if he's just dehydrated? I know this evening since I seen that, he's been drinking alot of water. A lil food, but every now and then he'll take off to his bowl and get some water. He's still being pretty hyper though, chasing the ping pong balls pretty good, and being chased by the invisable man. Recently as in the last 30min, he went #2 again, this time it was runny at 1st, and then started to take shape again.

Should I be worried at all? Am I freaking out, or am I right for feeling like this. Reason why I'm paranoid, as distemper, and all those others all have diarreah as symptoms, and thats what the previous kitten had was alot of diarreah. Should I just keep watch and if it continues to contact the vet, or if I see the next time he goes, is pretty much a normal stool, should I still worry? Could it be the diet, stress of a new enviroment, I mean this is only the 5th day he's been here. The changning of his diet, stress from being in the cage? I know he meows for a few in the cage. Now he'll pretty much just get in, and lay down or he'll go nuts with the ping pong balls.

I don't wanna lose this lil guy either, that'll just lower my moral even more when it comes to this. Cuz I got chihuahua pup on the way, and if I lose 2 kittens, I'm only gonna be that much more paranoid about a puppy.

BTW we named him stimpy from the cartoon character, for the simple fact, when he gets in his litter box after its been cleaned he plays in it like a sand box, and while your cleaning it, he jumps up and down really high for joy

Thanks for any help, and advice you have to offer!

He has had shots and got them on the 25th of this month, according to the vet checkup, and the list of shots he's had, distemper was checked off.

Oh he's about 8 weeks old and weighs 2 3/4lbs and does have a chubby lil belly. He's not skinny like our other kitty was, this one does have a stomach, and he's still eating on his own, and drinking. He's normal from what I can tell, cept he's just got a lil diarreah.

Thanks again!
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Instead of putting him in a cage, can't you put him in a bathroom or another room? Being in a cage is quite stressful on cats, and since you rescued him from a cage, perhaps you owe it to him to not make him stay in one even for 30 minutes? If you buy a baby gate and put it up vertically instead of horizonal in the doorway, he won't feel so closed off and perhaps his stress level will go down. Add to that leaving him without access to water is not a good idea, especially when it is hot outside.

Distemper is airborne and hard to kill. Kittens are especially susceptible, and this stubborn virus can live in your home for over a year! Does you kitty have a temperature? And just because he has had his distemper shot does not guarantee he won't get sick, it will help to safeguard him a little bit, but it depends on if he was exposed and how exposed he was.

At any rate, I would take him to the vet if the diarrhea continues. Try giving him warmed up canned pumpkin with his wet food to help put fiber into his system and see if that works. Don't give him pepto bismol or kaopectate, unless you happen to have a really old bottle of kao. They have recently redone their formula and introduced a new additive harmful for cats. But I really would ask that you reconsider keeping him caged up.
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I agree with hissy. Cats are just not made to be caged up. All night long? Night time is when they like to roam around the house (unfortunately lol) .. I like her suggestions about putting the kitty in the bathroom instead.
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I know I'm kind of stealing your idea Hissy, but I wanted to know if maybe pumkin would be a good idea in this case?

Also, I have the same problem with my cats, so at night I plunk their furry behinds into the bathroom. I make sure there is a litter box, food and water, and then I head to bed. They have a ball in the bath tub.

I also would recomend that you try playing with him/her during the day, to get him/her tuckered out so they will sleep at night. It's worth a shot.

~ Salem
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He still has diarrhea, and he hasn't been eating as much, he'll eat a tad bit if you almost force him to eat it. (not forcing it down his throat just keep putting it in his face) We called the vet and they did a stool test, that said it tested fine, they said it could have been the de-worming medicine. Then the vet called, and the gf brought him in, and they did a blood test and said his white blood cell count was fine. And took his temp which was 103* they weren't alarmed but were concerned. They gave us some amoxicilyn (spl) to give him twice a day, and gave him a shot, which they said should stop the diarrhea in 24hrs. If not they said to get ahold of them again.

So we'll see how he's doing in 24hrs. We're moving him out of his cage now. Reason I didn't keep him in the bathroom is that was where the last kitty wasted, and he missed the pan a couple times. So to keep him a lil safe we kept him oughta there. I just got done cleaning it again, and I'll move him and his toys, and litter box, and food in there.

I'll keep ya'll updated on how Stimpy is doing. Hopefully he'll be ok, and just the deworming medicine is what gave him the runs.
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