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Update on Denver Mutilations

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AURORA - Aurora police now say the string of cat mutilations this spring and summer appear to be the work of other animals, and not humans.

At least 45 cats have been found mutilated in the metro area, dating back to last summer.

Many local agencies originally believed people caused the injuries, but now that's not the case.

Necropsies are being performed on the mutilated cats and more information may be released on Friday.

Aurora police say so far, most of them appear to have been killed by predators, possibly foxes, which has been the case in Salt Lake City, where nearly a dozen cats were killed this spring and summer.

Police say the findings will come as a major relief for law enforcement and hopefully pet owners.

Aurora recently assigned a full-time detective to investigate the mutilations. The city has seen the highest number of mutilations, but there have been others in Lafayette, Jefferson County, Parker, Centennial and Denver.


Sounds like a big cop-out to me. They reported earlier that they were mutilated with "surgical precision". Since when do foxes work with knives? And was I mistakenly taught that predators EAT their prey? That they don't leave it on a DOORSTEP?

But what the hell can we expect from the same state that completely bungled Jon-Benet Ramsey's murder, and actually reported (and I'm not kidding about this!) that the decapitated homeless man found in a vacant lot was probably the work of rodents and insects.
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Originally posted by valanhb
the decapitated homeless man found in a vacant lot was probably the work of rodents and insects.
Reminds me of the recent case in Florida where the judge ruled that the hanging death of a black man, whose hands were bound behind his back, and who just happened to be dating the white police chief's daughter, was suicide.
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Sue, isn't it amazing what they expect us to believe? That summer there were like 4 or 5 homeless people killed, and they expected us to believe they were all accidents. But the decapitation story was too much. When they first reported it, there was no apparent damage from animals on the face or body, then all of a sudden the head that was across the lot was taken there by rodents and insects. I just picured this line of ants moving this head....it was SO ridiculous!
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I am just shaking my head right now in disbelief.
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WOW.....what a line of BS.....I remember the part about precision cutting also. I guess the foxes just whipped out their Ginso steak knives eh? That kinda s**t really pisses me off and I don't live in Colorado. Please keep us informed
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Thanks for the update truth or not! I live in Aurora,CO. and have been worried about my Willow!but considering she's an indoors only cat I wasn't to stressed about it! But since I work nites I don't get to watch much news! And have been wondering about what was going on in that. I just hope that it's true about the Fox's or what not. I would much rather have the cats taken that way then by the hands of humans! but that's just my opinion!!
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Just a thought... (playing devil's advocate here!) But....

Wouldn't it be easier to catch the person that's performing the mutilations if the person thinks the 'heat' is off? Especially if the police have finally got a good lead on the person?

I know, I know, wishful thinking, but I've got that soft spot for cops here lately... don't know why...

They need to put ME on the case....
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LOL you do have a point there but you never know!

No worries you aren't the only one with a soft spot for cops.......I'm related to one. and been around them my whole life so they always hold a place in my heart.

I just hope they get whose doing it.
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