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How hot is it at your house?

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About two hours ago I started a load of laundry. I got distracted and went in to take the clothes out of the washer to put in the dryer and the clothes were bone dry! I did run the cycle, but it is 105 degrees in my laundry room right now!!!
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WOW.....that is hot....I am fortunate to have central air in my house I keep it at 74 degrees.
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Wow! That's really nasty! It's probably in the low 70's here in Cleveland, so it's a bit higher here in the apartment.
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Woah hissy that is

If I were to guess I'd say it was about 70 degrees in my apartment right now ..
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None of you have lived until you have felt the Florida humidity. It's been a good 120 everytime I get in my car since May.
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Originally posted by Deb25
None of you have lived until you have felt the Florida humidity. It's been a good 120 everytime I get in my car since May.
I live in is surrounded by the great lakes. Summers get pretty sticky...although this summer has been pretty good so far.
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Deb...sounds just like Nebraska! Thank God we've got AC! It's been hitting 100 almost everyday this month.
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Yikes! Now that I wouldn't be able to tolerate. I just went upstairs and it is 103 degrees up there right now. Mike is sitting up there between two fans- I told him it was worse than a sauna!
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It's been 100 or more almost every day for a month here too. But I'd rather have 100 here then +85 in Michigan any day! When I lived on the Grand Traverse Bay we had 100% himidity all summer long! I went back to visit 2 years ago. It was August. I got off the plane and instantly had my breath taken away. Felt like my chest was being crushed! YIKES!
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Hot Dang! I don't think I'd last long in your house.
It's pretty nice in NH tonight. . . . in the 60's. Ahhhhh.
I hate hot weather (so does the cat).

Hope it cools down fast for your sake!

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We've had a nice couple of days, even opened the windows at night! But we've been in the mid to upper 90s for 3 weeks prior to this week, and it's going up there again starting tomorrow. Thank goodness for AC, since the apartment has no cross breeze. We've hit 100 3 times in July, which is very unusual for Denver. I'm almost looking forward to the weather in Ohio! It's been cooler there than it is here, and it's usually the other way around.
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I have lived in lots of places, but Savannah, Ga. has to be the worst in the summertime. The humidity is unreal! I'm looking forward to Fall, its my favorite time of year!
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Originally posted by valanhb I'm almost looking forward to the weather in Ohio! It's been cooler there than it is here, and it's usually the other way around. [/b]
Watch... you go to Ohio and they'll have a heat wave! Isn't that the way it goes?
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It was 90 here at 6pm. Very humid with some rain and thunder.
In my house I set the AC at 70 I do not like the heat.

I hope it cools off for you, if it was that hot in my house I would have a heat stroke.
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You want to talk hot and humid, drag your little hot self to Tennessee... at 8:30 at night it was 82 the other night.... GAG. Thought I would melt into the earth!
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It super hot outside over 110. And my old place didn't have a/c just crappy swap cooling. Now I live in a place with free utilities and two window a/c units one in the living room and one in the bedroom. According to my clock with a thermometer it's 70.
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it's only in the mid 80s tops over here, but gets a little chilly at night. We went to the fair last night and by the time we were leaving we wished we had brought some jackets.. I like to keep it around 70 in the house, but usually it ends up being about 75-80 in most of the house and about 65 in the rooms with window air conditioners.. Our central air sometimes needs a boost I feel bad for u people in hot hot weather! I can't stand humidity especially..
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According to the A.M. News, July's average daily high was 104, here in Tucson. For the past week or so, the humidity has been up but the house has stayed pretty cool. The ceiling fans and swamp cooler are doing prety well.
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my house is around 69...I like to be cold the outside is 90ish
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It's been topping out in the upper 90's in San Antonio this week outside, with high humidity too, ugh! We keep the indoor thermostat at 85 during the day, and 78 at night. I would love to keep it cooler, but then I wouldn't be able to take the heat outside. I try to stay somewhat acclimatized to the actual outdoor temp.

The worst heat I've ever experienced was living through Baton Rouge, Louisiana summers and Houston summers. Blech! I sympathize with the Florida people.
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Its been hanging around 80-85 in my house the last 2 weeks. I didnt put the ACs in this year, so we've been suffering a bit. Upstairs is a little hotter though, maybe 5-7 degrees higher on average.
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Here its been hitting 101s lately, the rains pass us by completely missing us but the inside, I usually try to keep it between 76-74, by late afternoon with the sun beaming over the house, I have it in 74 but the AC struggles to get to that level because of the sun beating down us. And it sucks because we don't have a freaking tree in the front yard, there is a conspiracy theory floating around that We're the only house and a corner block house (sucks you have to keep the grass green and nicely trimmed for the neighbors), has no tree in the front. A beautiful big oak tree in the back which is really really nice and fun to climb on, but we're screwd in the front.
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Hot here too. It's been 102+ for the last 2 weeks. It is very dry though (half of washington state is a desert), I grew up here and I can't stand humidity. I'll take my 102 anyday rather than live in a humid place.

Actually, the only time it starts getting humid around here is right before a thunderstorm.

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VERY HOT! We are on the top floor of non air constioned apartment. I'll be glad when we move!!
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I have a stupid question!! what is a swamp cooler?
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A swamp cooler works by running water over a pad in front of a fan - the water evaporating helps to cool the air. Only works in dry climates.
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Thanks! I lived in texas for 3 years and never heard of it!
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It is 93 degrees here! This is Canada, it's supposed to be cool! The heat is almost unbearable! There are no clouds and not much wind at all! I can't wait until Winter...
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it has been hot here also.80 to 90's
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