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Need your opinion?

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Okay... Hello everyone. Hope all is doing well.

I have decided to get another kitty. (I think) :confused3
I really want a Bengal and I have been talking with this breeder who is not too far from me, and I really get a good feeling from her. Unfortunately she is too far for me to visit. 3 hours away and I still don't have my car back

I am going to get a male and I want a completely unique kitty but sociable and friendly. She won't adopt the kittens out until they are at 10 weeks. Preferably at 12. They were born May 17th, and are 5th generation. The deal is that he is $600. Ouch... it would put a definate squeeze on my pocket book. I am so wishy washy. I really want this baby boy, but I am not sure if realistically I can afford it. Is this too much to pay for a cat. Would I be tormenting lily to bring home another? Here is the pics of the two kitties I am too choose from.

What do you all think I should do?
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Here is a picture of the gold boy. The breeder is not sure if she wants to adopt him out yet.
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I don't have any advice (my money & I have a tough time staying together) but he is beautiful!!!!!!

and I always say 2 are better than 1.....
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Well...they are definitely precious, of that there is no doubt. Having zero experience with buying a pure breed, I can't comment on price. My personal range is more like chop one zero off that price at the humane society. At least it's not as much as my ex-husband paid for a golden retriever a few months ago ($900). My love runs a lot deeper than my wallet does, swalker.
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I like that Deb25. "My love runs a lot deeper than my wallet"

You are right AP... 2 is better than one. Hmmm... I am really gonna have to think this through. The kitties are so cute!!

I am such a sucker for soft cuddly babies
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For every cat you buy, a stray goes homeless and hungry. That is a fact and my opinion as well. I would never, EVER pay that amount of money for ANY animal. I don't care how badly I wanted it. $600 can buy a hell of alot of cat food and supplies for needy cats.
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I had to be dragged away from the adoption window at PetSmart the other day. There were these 2 little brothers: one all black, the other black and white like Meow Man's Socrates. They were begging to come home with me and putting on quite a show. I have been deliberately avoiding the humane society as of late because summer is a real weak time for me and kitten adoption. I have been literally thinking of getting 2 new ones because I fear that odd number of 3. All this posting of baby pictures hasn't helped either.
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What does Sandie get for her kittens when she sells them?
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Deb, the same thing happened to this past weekend I was at petsmart & they had some kitties & cats that were up for adoption, and I wanted to take a couple of them home with me....
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I have no idea. You can check out her website at

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Tigger, you have two bengals now don't you? and Nitecrwlr does also. I am just wondering if this is a reasonable price?

I realize that some of you may not agree with purchasing a kitty, but these babies are so cute!!

I was just wondering about the price, if it was a little to crazy to spend that much on a Bengal. That's all. But I really like what you said Deb25, it makes a lot of sence to me. Oh, and I know how it is walking by pet stores or the Humane Society. I know this sounds too awful, but I cannot go in. I cry for hours, so I donate money, food blankets as often as I possibly can.

Thanks for all the great responces!! I really do appreciate all of you
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it may or may not be too much money, i think it depends on how you look at it, sweetie.

i dont think it's wrong to 'purchase' an animal, all animals need homes and bengals are irresistable, though, my next cat(s) will be from our local shelter.

Deb, that has been happening to me a lot lately, there are so many kittens at our two local
shelters, just dozens upon dozens about $60 each (for shots incl.) and Cameron and i are
having a hard time resisting, but, with 4 already, and limited space (for now)
it's just wouldnt be fair to the cats

Shannon, i think Lily needs a playmate, be it a Bengal or an adopted kitten, whatever you think,
but, the money is definitley your decision

just follow your heart, i say, and the money will work itself out.

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You know what you guys are right. I think I will get up enough courage and look at the shelter. I guess I don't ever really know how many kitties are there, because I can't bring my self to walk in. Who knows maybe I will walk off with more than one. That is always my fear.

Thanks, I am going to look around!
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good luck and i cant wait to hear about what you decide
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Here's a suggestion - some breeders will sell you their studs and queens once they spay/neuter and retire them. You might be able to get an older bengal at more reasonable price. I didn't mean to be so harsh but that was alot of money. And there are so many homeless kittens and older cats that could use good homes.

Good luck in your search.

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No problem Donna. I completely understand where you are coming from. I would love any kitty to come live with me. Atleast than I am 100% positive he/she is being spoiled and loved always and forever
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Hi swalker - Just thought I'd chime in with my 2 cents.

I'm very cheap by nature, so keep that in mind. If I were in your position, I would think about why I want a pure bred cat. Is it because you really want one with the personality of a Bengal or is it the looks of the Bengal? I think both of these are fine reasons to purchase a pure bred. But make sure you're not wanting to buy one because they're cute kittens (I know where you can get a cute tabby kitten for free) If you really want a purebred cat, go for it. To check the price, look at other breeders on the Internet. They often list their prices on their web pages. I have always wanted a Siamese cat, but I'm just too cheap. But I do have a registered black lab dog (got her at the pound of all places). I think as long as you follow your heart, you'll be fine.
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Hey Dawn.

Great questions. It would definitely be the look of these cats. Truly amazing. My boyfrined (well... ex) has two of them. The personalties are incredible!! They are cute. But just as you said, you can get cute cats just about anywhere. I am a penny pincher and this seems way out of my character.

I am gonna think about it, and you are right, I should follow what is in my heart.
Thank you
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Hiya Swalker,
I think you should do what you think would make you happiest and what you can do without putting yourself in a bind. My boyfriend and I have been wanting a cat for a while. We were in the mall and it was a kind of the spur of the moment deal. Since we don't know many people here and have no idea where local shelters for animals were.. we asked a person that worked in the mall where the nearest pet store or animal shelter was. It just so happened there was a pet store in that mall. So we went there, and ended up burning a giant hole in our wallet There were these 3 little siamese kittens. Purebred and playful. We intended on getting just ONE kitten and ended up with all three. We just didn't have the heart to seperate them and take one away... or even two.. so we got all three and got ourselves a bundle of love and lots of happiness. We also have our hands full and an empty pocket For all three of these guys we paid $900. It was $1100 after buying kitty litter and a littermaid. So.. we can't go out to eat as much or anything like that.. and we're eating cheaply (sandwhiches for dinner..etc). It's definitely worth all the joy they bring us though.

Just consider what you can do.. and do what will make you the happiest. You have one life.. live it to the fullest!

"Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers." --Charles W. Eliot, The Happy Life, 1896
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Honestly it's all about what you want! I have pure breeds and I have my domestics. I am going to pay 400.00 for a Maine Coon next year because I want one. I am not a big Bengal fan, so I am not sure what the prices are like on them. Personally I breed because I want people to have healthy happy Munchkins. I charge 250.00 per kitten. It covers the expense of food,litter,vet bills,registrations and of course every kitten that leaves my house does so in a new carrier. I do not make any money from breeding and I feel that no matter what kind of cat it is...It does not cost 900.00 to raise and take care of one. However I am willing to pay a reputable breeder the 400 because it is what I want and I cant set anyones prices.
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Thats my advice. They are all simply precious! I want one!
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For every cat you buy, a stray goes homeless and hungry. That is a fact and my opinion as well. I would never, EVER pay that amount of money for ANY animal. I don't care how badly I wanted it. $600 can buy a hell of a lot of cat food and supplies for needy cats.
I thought that too, I wanted to get a shelter kitty. But then my sister went on and on about how the kitten could give Satey FIV or FeLV so I had to get from a cattery that guaranteed in writing that their cats are FeLV and FIV free. After all that I think that she's going to end up talking mom into letting her adopted a gorgeous lavender kitten from "The Cat People," a no kill shelter. Oh, well I'm happy with my blue tonk boy. $600 is about right for a Bengal cat. I did some research on bengal catteries when I was searching for a kitten.
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Hey Swalker, just follow your heart, that's my advice, but don't ignore the voice of your vallet. I've never had a purebred, all of mine have been rescued from the streets and so is Eric, the baby I have now. But I can clearly see why you want one fo these babies - they are so sweet!!!
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FYI, buying from a pet shop and spending that kind of money is a highway robbery!

(Crescendo, your sister needs to get her facts straight.)Our rescue organization has every single cat tested for both FeLV and FIV before adopting them out. Most catteries already have FIP. And I am speaking from personal experience. I have a cat that was a rescue from a breeder. Unbeknownst to me, 3 of his relatives (cousins) tested positive for FIP. I had him tested and sure enough he tested positive too, which means I had already exposed my other 6 cats to FIP. Two of the cats actually died from it.

Cassandra, I would also strongly suggest you have the kittens, when they're old enough, teiter tested for FIP. Because, almost every cattery has it. Did the price include pedigree papers??? Did you get some kind of paperwork proving they were tested for both and came out negative? Have they been vaccinated and do you have paperwork to prove it? Do you know where they came? Who the breeder was? What kind of conditions they were raised in?? I can almost bet my weeks pay that they came from a kitten mill. And the excuse that you were new to the area and didn't know of any shelters around there is a poor one at best. Don't they have yellow pages where you are? Telephone information would've given you a number for a Humane Society in your area. Please read this article. I'm posting it to educate you.


I hope you plan on a vet appointment to make sure they are all healthy (i.e., no worms, earmites, fleas, ringworm, etc.) as $900 is a big investment.

Good luck with your new babies.
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How about contacting the Bengal rescue network!!
There are always bengals out there that need a good home for one reason or another!!! Usually they just charge an adoption fee just like a shelter would. That is how I got my precious bengal boy at 7 months. Or have you searched pet search engines sometimes they contain bengals for adoption. Best to you.
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I think that I am going to go for it. I will be giving a kitten a very good home, and he will be loved unconditionally.

Hell603, I never even thought about Bengal Rescue. That sounds kind of selfish of me. What a great idea. I think I am going to check it out.

I appreciate everyone's feedback. You have all made me think of things that I overlooked. I guess this is why this site is so wonderful!!

Thank you and I will let you know what I decide
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I think it's a great idea. You are going to having 2 of them. I don't know what I would do if mine didn't have each other to play with. I'm all for multiple cats! I only wish I had room for more than 2.
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i'm very happy for you, and for the kitty you adopt and give a wonderful home

any ideas on names yet?!
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Good question blue...

Henry or Stormy. A friend of mine said you shouldn't name your kitties after humans. But I think it is cute. What do you think?
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ohhhhh, what about Storm? i love that.
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