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Favorite chocolate things?

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This subject may have been covered before.....but it sounds too delicious to pass up. What are your favorite chocolate things? I love Burger Kings Hershey pies, Reeses peanut butter cups, and Dove bars MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm What are yours?
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Chocolate! anything Chocolate But my favorite is the Special Dark Hersheys bars....mmmmmmmmmmmm
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Mmmmmmmmmmm, whata thread!!! Godiva truffles. White chocolate. Yes, Dove bars! HaagenDaz bars too.

OK, now why don't I have any of these here. Excuse me while I go look for some, anything.
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yummmmm, I love See's candies, Cadbury's chocolate bar with roasted almonds, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate croissants!! Hey Sicy, I need that drooling smilie for my post!
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I am not a huge chocolate lover, but that combo really is fantastic!
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Godiva Belgian Dark Chocolate ice cream is so good, that after I eat it, I need to smoke a cigarette and go to sleep.
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hmmm.....i like chocolate ice cream..but not in its solid chocolate form...
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I also love Sanders hot fudge over chocolate ice cream MMMMMMMmmmmmmm Those Hershey pies tho.....I could inhale about 6 of those suckers without stopping....LOL!
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Hershey's Special Dark in any shape or form.
Hershey's Goodnight Kisses hot chocolate (caffeine free!)
Godiva's chocolate truffles, raspberry truffles and mint truffles.
Ghiradelli dark chocolate and hot chocolate.
Ben and Jerry New York Super Fudge Chunk.
My home-made chocolate brownies with Skor toffee bits.
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Whoppers, peanut M & M's, a nice thick chocolate malt with extra malt, snickers bars, oh man I'm hungry...
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This is a first ... I agree with you Tybalt! LOL! Boy do I love me some Chunky Monkey!
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Hershey's milk chocolate
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Any chocolate so long as it's not cheap stuff that sticks to the roof of your mouth.

I love Hershey's Kisses, Hershey's Chocolate bars w/almonds, Lindt Hazlenut Shells (rejects from the truffles), Dove chocolate, and these specialty chocolate bars (I think they are called "Love" I found with ginger crystals in them. Yum!

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#1 Reeses (remember my Reeses poll?) & Hershey Kisses. I also like Peanut butter M&M's.
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I haven't had these in years: a cookie called Waffletten. They are Belgian, I believe. Basically, take a paper-thin, waffled sheet of cookie, roll it into a cylinder about an inch thick (loads of layers) and dip one end in incredibly rich milk chocolate. Extremely yummy!

The late, lamented and much missed Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Ice cream...

There is a bakery/pastry shop, The Pink Rose, in Philadelphia just off of South Street that makes the best desserts I have ever had (and believe me, I have had a lot! ) For their tenth anniversary a few years back, they came up with a recipe to die for: The Pink Rose 10th Cake. Chocolate Cake, with Hershey Bars baked in between the layers, topped with chocolate ganache. Drink plenty of milk.
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Godiva, and see's dark chocolate
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Hershey's has a new variety bag of Nuggets: milk chocolate, milk choc. w/almonds, milk choc. w/almonds & toffee chips and dark w/almonds. This has replaced the Hershey's kisses, in my desk drawer.

I saw an ad, for RICH dark chocolate kisses and will look for them, when I buy groceries this weekend.
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chocolate body paint...
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mmm at the olive garden they have this dessert called black tie mousse cake and it is soooo good, it's kinda like layers of chocolate cheese cake and chocolate mousse and i think maybe some cake topped with a layer of pure chocolate.. yummm..
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I also love fresh homemade chocolate fudge.....MMMMMMMMmmmmm
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Yzma! Chocolate body paint! UMMMMMMMmmmmm
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Originally posted by Yzma
chocolate body paint...
Sounds kinda "kinky" to me
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sounds like fun!
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I love everything chocolate, EXCEPT Oreo cookies.
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I love Nestle Crunch Bars, reeses peanut butter cups, Chocolate Milk, Chocolate pie, chocolate cake, umm,,I could go on and on and on...
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A big kiss has made it into the record books.

At 6,757 pounds, this foil-wrapped Hershey Kiss has weighed in as the world's largest piece of chocolate in the Guinness Book of World Records.

It was made at the Hershey plant in Pennsylvania.It stands 6 feet 9 inches high and is about 6 feet across. The big kiss is helping to promote a dark chocolate version of the traditional milk chocolate kisses.
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