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New IL Rape Statute

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I don't have many details, since I saw this on the ticker of CNN Headline News, but I thought this was really interesting.

Illinois has a new clause to their rape law, that the woman can change her mind in the midst of the sex act and it would still be considered rape.

What do you think of this?

I'll be honest, I think this is going too far. Women have a right to their bodies, no doubt, and the right to decide what happens to their bodies. But this really puts men in a horrible position (no pun intended ). So now, a woman says "yes, yes, yes...oh wait....no, I don't want to anymore" and he goes to jail. Twinge of remorse is no longer just feeling guilty, it's a crime.

I'm all for women's rights, but what about a man's right?
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I agree with you Heidi. But could it mean, suppose, I was having sex with someone and I felt uncomfortable and I told that person to stop, and he continued nonetheless, is that considered rape? There is a very fine line there - defense attorneys will be having field days "at what time during the intercourse, did you tell the person to stop?" - a jury is going to think its not rape if she suddenly decides halfway through.
Victims have rights, yes, but so do the accused.

This is rather delicate, isnt it?
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That is plain stupid!If she said stop after a few kiss maybe but not right before the act!
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Actually, I think this is a good thing, as long as it's applied equally to men and women. I think that anyone (male or female) who is in a sexual situation should be able to say stop at any point when they want to stop, and their partner should abide by this. But, I don't think it gives a person the right to think about what happened after the fact, say "Oh, I didn't want to do that or continue on" and accuse their partner of rape.
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Christy, I agree that either one should be able to stop it when they feel uncomfortable. But I don't think it should be legislated or criminalized. About the only time I can see this applied in a real world situation is if one person starts getting violent in the middle without the consent of the partner. I just see this opening up a whole can of worms because of girls with remorse. Somehow I don't see this applied equally for men (unless it is a same-sex partner).
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My problem here is that. If they are in the middle of intercourse and she says stop and he doesn't stop. Well, she screams rape, and they have PROOF there was sex via DNA. It is his word against hers and that is really just not gonna fly in a court?

It is just silly. I believe if you say "stop" it should stop but that line is a fine fine gray line that I don't think can truly be touched while still making the law reasonable and fair.
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Don't start something, that you don't intend to finish!
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So now, a woman says "yes, yes, yes...oh wait....no, I don't want to anymore" and he goes to jail. Twinge of remorse is no longer just feeling guilty, it's a crime.

I'm all for women's rights, but what about a man's right?
Uhh, actually I did this once
He was someone I had had a holiday fling with (hanky panky only, no sex!).
After the holiday he called if I would like to meet hem again and go for a drink or something.
So he came over to my place.
We started to, eh, well you know what, after all he had travelled for 1,5 hrs to get there and it wasn't to admire the scenery.

All of a sudden my internal alarm bells went off and I realised I just didn't want to do this. I didn't particularly like him, there was no chemistry, I didn't know what it was, all I knew was NOOOOO!

So, yes, I did say "I don't want to anymore" and a lot of "I am so sorry"'s

To this day I am grateful he had the decency to stop, get up and leave.

Would it have been rape if he hadn't? I believe it would have.
Even though no court would ever have found him guilty.
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Kind of reminds me of an old joke:

A woman goes into the police station and tells the desk sergeant, "I was raped."

The cop asks, "When did this happen?"

"Last week," replied the woman.

Cop: "Why did you wait until now to report it?"

Woman: "At first, I wasn't sure."

Cop: "When were you sure?"

Woman: "When his check bounced!"
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I was born/ raised in IL, and, after living in Michigan for a few years, I've returned to the Chicagoland area. I admit that I don't watch the news a lot; I hadn't even heard of this clause in rape law until your post!

I think it's a very bad idea for the reasons already mentioned. A woman has to take responsibility for her choices. By that, I do not mean that a woman is "asking" for rape by the way she dresses or anything like that. I know that, if she CHOOSES to engage in sex with someone, she should be able to say, "I don't want to do this anymore;" but to press charges, calling it "rape" is a bit, um, hypocritical, if not just plain wishy-washy. Just think of all the women who, in an attempt to get revenge (for whatever reason), coaxes a guy into bed, then yells "rape" and has him convicted. Oh, this clause could be so very bad....
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