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Break Open a Can of Spam

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...because Mr. Cat is a SUPER CAT!

Allow me to take the first congratulatory whack:

Here's to you, Joe. And many more of your hilarious posts in the future!

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holy cow!

it's a big party day here at TCS!

I brought some cocktail weenies...I hope that's okay...

:evilalien :evilalien :evilalien :evilalien :evilalien

I different kind of collage, for a different kind of guy.
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Did you bring buns???? I can't eat them if there's no buns! And I'm NOT cooking. I've already got my hands full brewing coffee and peeling potatoes.
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no buns, but I have some toothpicks....
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and stop brewing coffee...I have a feeling the people coming are going to want something much harder.

if anyone needs me I'll be in the bathroom removing unwanted hair gently and effectively :dali:
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That will have to do. I already can barely type for laughing over the "thorn" in the other thread.

Can we have pigs in a blanket?

Joe, you better get in here. After all, it's the end of the month and this food can't last forever.
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damnit! I didn't bring any blankets.....
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Ask 3LK. She's bound to have a few extra on that miracle bed.

How's the pain reduction technology coming along?
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3LK says as soon as she gets her legs out of the air, she'll bring a few over.

I have found that the Emjoi Gently Gold Caress can be used anywhere, anytime. it is shaped to cling to the body curves, bringing its gold-plated, tweezer-like discs in close contact with the skin for more effective hair removal, leaving the skin silky-smooth.

now back to your regularly scheduled program.....
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Tell me about it! I'm using it right now! And I thought it was just that the posts were unusually funny today.
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whew! all done. now I'm all silky smooth. did I miss anything? is 3LK here with the blankets yet? anyone care to dance with a homecoming queen?

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Yippee... A party!

Are we done yet?? Gotta go wash my cat. Tootles!

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I think Donna has been partying a little too much lately. obviously she can't 'hang' like us homecoming queens, Deb.

Donna, have a pig in a blanket, you'll feel better. aren't my legs so smooth?!?!
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Come on, Donna, you'll have to be a little more lively than that. You've got Blue's party to go to, as well.

Later, in special tribute to Mr. Cat, we're going to recite the Oregon Penal Code in its entirety.

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and I'm going to do a special performance of 'River Dance'

you can't miss that Donna! I brought my striped legwarmers to wear!

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this thumbs for you, Super Cat:

Congratulations, WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as always, you are a delight to have here at this site, thank you for the continued good-humoured
postings and often odd-ballish perspectives i'm glad to have you here

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:blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq:

I gathered up a bunch of blankets for the piggies in a blanket...but they were all covered in cat hair...so how about a nice fresh fruit salad instead?

:blubturq: :blubturq: CONGRATULATIONS MR.CAT! :blubturq: :blubturq:

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Sorry I was so late getting here. I've had my legs in the air so long; that when I got up to dress for the party I couldn't FEEL my FEET!!!

I was all out of blankets so I brought Won Ton Wrappers and a few (slightly stale)soft tacos!!! We can make "Piggy Roll Ups"

Is Mr.Cat here yet? Good, 'cause I want someone to stop him at the door if he is carrying a portfolio of IMAGES or any tapes of "Buffy the Vampire Ho" episodes. . . . .

Get me a drink,anybody; I'm having circulation problems. . . .

Okay, here's to you, Joe. YOU GO SUPER CAT.
From all of us who have endured(oops!)
I mean enjoyed your posts; it seems like only yesterday you were at 500!
Wait a minute; it WAS only yesterday. . . . . . . (*you prolific you*)

Seriously,get in here, Joe, and bring Chuck and Kittyfoot and Fireshoes and Ken and all the other guys. . . . .You won't believe how subtle and "surprising" sleek and soft Deb25 and AirPrincess' legs are!!!! :dali: Not an unsightly hair between them!!!
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I'll bring a big bowl of kitty litter to the party -
YES !(it is really a recipe.)
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Am I seeing things, or is that Mr. Cat, MeowMan, KittyFoot, and Nitecrwlr over by the sandbox passing around a bag of Catnip?
C'mon guys...share with us girls!

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I think they have been mixing up the 'natual high' thread with this one!:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 and I want in!
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Congrats. I'll bring the wine. I'm sure Donna wants a glass. I know Rene does. Donna, Rene and Clint, Sandie and Ken and Michele are bathing cats the rest of the week as they all have a cat show this weekend. I won't be there this time but I will be in spirit. So I guess I'll be the only one of the group to attend parties.

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LOL This party is out of control! I guess this is what you miss when you are fashionably late. Is it too late to spike the coffee?
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With all these great people, party favors, and goodies I have a feeling this party may go on for a Loonnngggg time!

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I find it strangly odd that the guest of honor hasn't shown up for his own party!

Maybe he's in a phone booth changing into his Super Cat outfit.
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I know those things by the side of your smilies are supposed to be hands with the thumbs up, but in my frazzled mind, they look suspiciously like open cans of catfood!
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What's inside the door that's ajar over there? Cool! A party! Party aftermath, maybe? Well, it's three o'clock in the morning and everybody's asleep here. Hmm. I wonder what the celebration was all about. Clues, clues. . . .

Oh, here's a pile of used razors. Hmm. And a few pigs sleeping under blankets. Okay. Lots of empty bottles. Check. A group of napping cats which smells like shampoo, next to an empty can of Band Aids. Well, it looks to me like a Super Cat party for sure. Now, who. . . .

Good grief! I'm a Super Cat. Geez, I didn't even notice. Oh, brother, I'll bet they threw this party for me — and I'm just now showing up. I'll never hear the end of this!

Let me set this stack of images down over here. Maybe they'd like to see some pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar! Great idea! Yes, I'm sure they're all Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans. Won't they be thrilled when they wake up and find life-sized cardboard Buffys all over the place!

If it wasn't so late I'd work on filling these Buffy blow-up dolls. But I'd start coughing and then the dormant would begin to stir. . . . No, we don't want to disturb anybody. Yet.

Well, I'll just tiptoe on out of here and come back after sunrise. Way after sunrise, it looks like. I'm really sorry to have missed all the fun. Come to think of it, maybe I'll just recline here in the corner with these trolls and dream about Buffy on Mars or something. . . .

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I feel bad that you missed your own Super Cat party.

How about we sneak out of here, and I'll buy you a cup of coffee.
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Deb, you are supposed to be "making" the coffee, not buying it
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I'm in enough trouble around here. I don't need any extra help from you.
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