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My Co-workers were so sweet to me today....

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Tomorrow is my last day in the Pharmacy. I'm really going to miss it, but I'm looking forward to my new adventure with Management. Since today was the last day that all the Pharmacy associates worked together, they had a little surprise for me. First Joy brought cupcakes for us all (that really didn't help the diet any, but I couldn't resist!) and then they all presented me with a gift bag. They all had these evil little grins on their faces...so I knew something was up. Maurene gave me the bag and the look on my face must have been priceless. It was a picture frame with a colage of pictures of the whole crew! I told myself I was NOT going to cry....it took everything I had not to. On the top of the colage it said Fairbury Nebraska -Home Store and then each persons individual pictures. It may sound a bit cheesey, but it came from the heart & I was truly touched by it. It will go perfectly with my collection of awards and certificates that I got while working in the Pharmacy.

Tomorrow will be a very sad day for me and I'm sure I'll be shedding a few tears. I will be removing my name plate, my Technician of the Year award and my Pharmacy Certification document. They've been there for so long...it just won't feel right.

Monday morning I will no longer be a Pharmacy Technician, but I will be a Support Manager. Big change for me! I just hope I'm making the right decision. Brandon told me that if I find that Management isn't my style, he would hire me back in a heart beat! It made me feel so good! Speaking of Brandon...what I'd do for a scanner right now! I'd love to share his hottieness with you all!
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Aw shell that's so sweet of them!
And congratulations again on being promoted...
That's pretty cool...
And on days like these, CUPCAKES are IN ORDER so don't feel bad about the diet... I hope you had two and not just one
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I was a good girl and only ate one...but I did have 3 tiny tootsie rolls!

Thanks Suraya!
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Aw, Shell, you're so loved by so many!

Speaking of Brandon.... I never read what you decided to do about that.... did you decide you've got the nerve to at least ask him out for coffee or something?
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No..I've chickened out. I did make a comment yesterday that we all should go out on Friday night since Inventory is tomorrow and that it's my last day. He just shrugged his shoulders and went on with business. But...he has been extra friendly lately. I'll see how he acts once he's no longer my boss. Plus, I've been chatting with a guy from a personal ad off the net....things are going pretty good between us. So...I just I'll just have to see how things pan out.

Thanks Laurie!
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man, shelle, your story got me all teary eyed.
That is so nice of all of your co-workers to have a last day party for you..It is good to know that you are welcome back incase you end up changing your mind....I am so happy for you even still!!
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*sniffs the air gingerly and then says:
i smell RRRomannCCe
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I wish...he's definitely a good catch!

Kathy...I got teary eyed writing it! I can only imagine what I mess I'll be tomorrow!
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Aww Shell that was so nice of your co-workers. I'm glad they know you're special and appreciate you! It's nice that you were given the option of coming back if your new position doesn't agree with you!
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I wish I had co workers like that!
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Me too!!!
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Aw Shell, you should go for it!!!
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Thanks guys! Today was so MUCH harder than what I had prepared myself for. I cried like a baby the entire way home from work! It was just a very crappy day (I'll be making a new thread about that shortly) and my day was ruined. Plus, I was really emotionally attached to my crew and my job. It was just so hard. Damn...I'm getting ready to bawl again!

Brandon was so sweet today. Flirted like crazy too! Right before I left, I was gathering my things and he said "Michelle, I just want you to know that you made my job a lot easier and I'll never find someone as good as you. If you need anything and I mean anything, just call me. I wish you the best even though I don't really want to see you go. It's definitely going to be a hard adjustment here. You don't mind me calling you if I have a work problem, right?". I swear...I had to walk away. The tears were welling up and I did not want him to see me cry (it's not a pretty sight! I've mastered the Ugly Cry!). I just mumbled "Thank you. It means a lot to me. Don't hesitate to call me, ok?". And I walked out the door...and the whole way the tears just flowed.

What is wrong with me? For God's sake, I'm crying like I just lost my best friend or something. It's only a job...I'm going insane. That's it!
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