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does anyone know what this means ?

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My cat likes to jump on my chest when I am lying on the couch and smack the top of his head into my face, and then do it again, and again. I'm sure it is a sign of affection, but does it have any meaning ? I thought I read somewhere it does have some meaning , but I can't remember.
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I think it is some sort of greeting and bonding behavior.
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One of my cats also does this, the continuous head-butting and swiping is definitely a happy greeting, and they are also marking you as "theirs". I always end up with a mouthful of fur (blechhh).

My other cats only head-butts me once or twice to greet me, then lies down near me.
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LOL how cute!!!!! I love when Zoey gives me headbonks
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I think what I remember reading is that by doing that they accept you in their cat family, or something like that.
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my 2 youngest kittens, (4 months each) love to do that to people. If you go up to pet them, they jump up to reach your hand before you even get near them, and constantly head but your face rub against your cheek, and lick your nose and chin.... it's really cute..
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My Polly does that too. It's a sign of affection nothing can really stop your kitty from doing it, it's actually kind of sweet
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One of my cats are OBSESSED with headbutting and rubbing noses!

When I get up in the morning and start getting ready, Spike will jump up on the dresser and rear up so he could reach my nose with his nose. If I don't bend down, he will reach out with one of his paws and try to "hook" me to make me bend down. Once he has "access" to my face, he will start going crazy with nose rubbing. It doesn't help that he doesn't exactly have fresh breath! PHEW! (sometimes as he does this, his brother Buddy would jump up on my shoulders and proceed to either sit or lay down on my shoulder/back while I am standing so that means I'd have one cat up in my face while another cat's "down" on my back/head!)

Often as I leave the room and start going down the hallway or to another place, Spike will start running (zigzag pattern) in front of me to try to get me to stop (more like tripping to a stop!) and as soon as I stop, he'll start jumping up the walls to try to get to my nose. I have to stop, bend down and let him touch my nose with his before he'd let me go on with getting ready for work!

When I get home from work, I tend to hmmm visit the bathroom and as I sit doing my business, Spike would rear up with paws on my knees and reach up with one paw to hook me to bend down so he could start rubbing noses. Often he'd jump up on my lap then start rubbing noses CONSTANTLY for at least 15 minutes!

As you can see, Spike's OBSESSED with rubbing noses with me. He doesn't do this with other cats- only me. You also can see who rules the house- DEFINITELY NOT ME!
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When a cat is doing this they are saying I love you, and rubbing their oil glands(located near their jaws) on you transfering the scent unto you. It's a huge sign of affection!
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Be flattered. It's a special greeting and marking, and reserved for special people.

Most of my critters have been fairly affectionate, some downright mushy, but only one thus far developed that habit. One of my youngsters is mellowing out some and shows signs of heading in that direction -- at the same time as she is becoming more of a lap cat. It would be very lovely, especially as she's Mum's Girl.

Anyway, your cat thinks you're special. She's probably right, at that rate!
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Yeah, I know it's a sign of affection- that's why I let him do it sooooo often to me even if I am being rushed for work-I still stop and let him do it a few times so he won't feel rejected or unloved. Grin. I LOVE him and the other 3 cats too. Interesting the other 3 cats insist on sleeping with me while Spike refuses BUT Spike is the only one who insists on rubbing noses with me. I find that very interesting. Spike also HATES it when I try to pick him up to hold him while the other 3 cats are okay or likes it with me holding them. Weird huh?
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