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Cat fetish

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I know someone was talking about how their cat loved to play with straws the other day, well my boy cat (patch) will come in the office while I am on line or whatever and try to catch the pointer on the computer, its cute for a little while then I have to show hime out, I did not know if patch was the only one.


PS any advise for a non social cat to become social?
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Look for the article about taming ferel cats on the home page of this site.
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I just got 2 cats from a persian rescue and the lady that runs it told me about a feral she has that was anti-social. She's had him for several years and all of a sudden in the last couple months he's decided he wants to be lovey. So Be patient! (that's hard for me sometimes!)
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my boy boy does that too...so dun worry, patch is not the only one...
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