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Anyone Geocache?

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I thought I would write a post about Geocaching. Geocaching is a hobby among people who have handheld GPS units -- people hide 'caches' (little boxes filled with small trinkets & items), and then use the Geocaching website,


to post clues and the GPS satellite coordinates about their hidden cache. You can hide them anywhere and there are thousands hidden all over the world. The typical ones that we have done have been in parks or a little 'off' of trails in parks, etc.

The reason I encouraged my family to start doing this last year because I wanted to find a family activity that got us outside, doing something, that the kids would also enjoy. We found about 8 caches last year and then kind of dropped it for awhile, and I decided to take the kids today and look for one for something to do.

The reason I mention it is just in case you have never heard of it. Like I said, the kids really enjoy it, especially finding the 'cache' which usually has little trinkets like stickers, small toys, etc. You 'take something' and 'leave something' and then write in the log that you were there.

We went on a cache hunt today in a nice little park right on our area that we had never been to before. Discovered a small pond for fishing there that we will go back to.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find the cache today! That was the first time it happened to us. But the point was to get out and have some fun, which we did.

ps. If you decide to take up this hobby, I just suggest you think about safety. I always try to make sure my husband goes, and I carry a small backpack with first aid supplies, some power bars for food, a flashlight, a whistle, and other stuff like this. Since you are often 'in the woods' even on a trail it can be deserted.
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What a wonderful idea! Thanks for telling us about it.
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How much is a GPS unit cost? I think it would be a blast!
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I just looked on Amazon and the lowest end GPS units are $99. I think mine was maybe $300 or so, and I am sure there are much better models than mine. I bought it just to Geocache but I guess people use these for other things as well!
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