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jumpy kitten

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My 18 week old kitten is very very curious and playful. He is also very jumpy. Slightest surprise, he would jump a few inches off of the ground with all four paws in air.

He also broke all his whiskers on one side, and quickly breaking the whiskers on the other side. Is this normal for kittens?
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How is the kitty breaking the whiskers? What are you feeding your kitty. Is there a quiet room for your cat? Does it have a tall cat tree to sit in?
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no clue how did Tigger break his whiskers. But he is very rough and fast when he cleans himself. He also plays rough with the big cat, who smacks him pretty hard sometimes - maybe the big cat chewed some whiskers off while playing?

We feed Tigger IAMS kitten food - wet and dry. But he often go steals food from Tiki - weight control IAMS food. No one is home during the day - so the whole house if pretty quiet. But Tigger always dashes from one room to the other every time I see him.
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Although broken whiskers can be a sign of health issues, it can also mean that he is trying into spaces that are to small for him, and he can only get part of his head in there. The cats use their whiskers as a measuring device, if their whiskers fit in there, then so will they even if we think they can't possibly fit.
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