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EXTRA! Blue Has One-Thousand Posts! EXTRA!

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Stop the presses! Call out the Cossacks! Round up the kids and head for the hills!


Congratulations, Your Blueness, on reaching that milestone! A committee should be formed to tell the world you're alive!


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Congrads Blue!!!!!!

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Way to go, blue! And to think she owes it all to the Spam!

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Hi Blue

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thank you everyone

i am wondering how i managed 1000 posts, i hope they werent all jibber-jabber

i wouldnt have stayed here this long if it werent for all you amazing cats here,
and i love and appreciate you all very much, thanks for being here for me through
this and that, and for caring so much.

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Blue, you are a bright spot at this Site Thank you for the time and emotions you have devoted to each post!!!

Oh, and you Don't have to THANK me for the SPAM POST that evoked your 1,000 response!!!
I would (and probably will) do it all over again. . . . .

As a special reward I will see that you get a SIX FLAGS style WEEKEND PASS to ride my new bed!!! _V_
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thank you, Darlene, i could say the exact same thing to you, your posts are always
thoughtful, and bright, and off-the-wall wacky, and i love them, and i love you
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Hey BLUE how come I've missed this thread!!!
Congrats and keep them coming!!!!
Love and hugs!
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I love your new avatar! Bill the Cat is one of my favorites!
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Blue!!!!!!!!! My bluebird of happiness!!
I am thrilled that you have hit 1000 posts!!! I have a feeling you will pass me soon, with more posts, but that is okay, cause I love ya!! :

Congrats on 1000!!!!!!!!!

Like Mr. Cat said, you bring alot to this site, and to all our lives!!!! It would not be the same around here, without you!!!


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Bill the Cat?? Who is he?? I didn't realise this was someone I just thought it was a funny looking cat and I liked it a lot. Tell me some more about him...
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Bill the Cat was a character in the Bloom County comic strip. The strip dealt primarily with political humor (that's an oxymoron by the way).

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Congratulations Blue!

You're at 1071 right now, but better later than never... And since I'm late, I figured a present is in order.

So here are some new party smilies in honor of Blue's 1000th post:

:rainbow: :flower: :bubbly:

And those wonderful flowers you brought us:
:flower: :flower: :flower:

There are even more new smilies. I think I'll make a new thread to announce the new fellas.
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Wowiee, one thousand posts!

This board would not be the same without you, Blue! Congratulations!
:afrorainb :rainbow: :afrorainb
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Congrats on making a HUGE diffrence in everyone's lives...And thank-you for making me feel very welcome to this board (back in May, when I first came here).....Enjoy all of the posts and Smilies...

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you people are so kind, thank you, thank you

thank you Anne, DebbieA, illusion, and Chuck for your words and responses!

i am bubbling over with happiness and love
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Blue.... did you read my response? I thought It was a good one!!
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i did Debby and no, i doubt i'll be passing you anytime soon, you are about
300 posts ahead of me

thank you for your beautiful words, love you're my angel :angel2:
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Congradulations Blue!!

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Beter late than never! Been kinda busy!
And no, your posts are not drivel, they always make me eithe pause and think or giggle and wish I could see the world sometimes by your perspective.

:girly1: :girly2:
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