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Screaming at top of kittys lungs

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Great forums here. Glad I found this site.

I have a 2 year old neutered, declawed black male. His name is Buddy.

Buddy has just started, I mean just by last night. He screams at the top of his lungs. Doing that "yowl" thing that cats do. I heard him on and off all last night. As I am typing now, he is in the bathtub (his favorite place) screaming.

Any ideas how to stop this ear piercing behaviour, and/or why it is going on. Any Herbal remedies?

Buddy doesn't really care for me. He tolerates me. He is love with my husband, almost obsessed. He will wake my husband up everymorning at 4:30. Husband kicks him out of bedroom.

WE have only had buddy for 4 months. Friend of a friend gave him up, as they got a new dog. My Husband loves buddy but he also loves his sleep.

Looking for earplugs while I wait for answers.
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Hi Woozle and welcome! Glad you like our forums!

Sounds like you have one upset kitty over there. I think you should get him to the vet ASAP. He could have some pain (maybe his chest or stomach) and he may need treatment. If it's a blocked urinary tract he could deteriorate real quick. Even if he stops the yowling and seems apathic - get him to the vet - it could still be an emergency.

Any other changes in behavior? Is he eating properly? eliminating? sleeping? playing?

Please let us know how's he doing...
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Anne is right about what may be causing this. In order to figure it out, we all need a bigger picture of his routins and activities. Usually cats cry out for a specific reason. I hope you find the answer soon.
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Thanks for the advice.
There is no change in anything else. Bowel movements fine. Eating is the same. Affection is the same. And there was only screaming that one day.

Is it possible he was just mad? He is almost obsessed with my hubby. My husband said it stopped as soon as I went to work. And was fine, playing etc with hubby?
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Well there you go!! Cats are VERY good at letting us know what is on their minds. Sometimes when mine are crying or whining, I will follow them and sure enough, they are telling on someone else for getting into things they are not supposed to. Usually they need their food bowl filled though..
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