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Need second opinion, Please Help....

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My cat was missing for a week, we found him last night with a injured back left leg and took him to the vet today, the vet said our only choices are:
1. Amputation
2. $800 foot surgery
3. Euthanize
Now, I asked her about a splint, and she said she "didnt" think it would hold, now what I need help on is, are there any vets or specialists out there who are able to give me a second opinion through the x-rays I have, I will scan the x-rays and email them, I just need a second opinion, thank you. It didnt look like the vet was that experienced. I cant afford to take the cat to another vet for an opinion and cant afford the surgery, so thats why Im asking about second opinions on the x-rays.
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What does the vet say is wrong with the leg?
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If you scroll to the bottom of this thread You will find a link where they may be able to help you! It says "Help for cats"
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Wow.. poor baby If it were me.. I would go for the surgery, but if you cant afford that then second I would probly go with amputation. I know many cats that can do just fine with 3 legs. I also would never let that cat outside again ..

I would not euthanize this cat because of an injured leg though. And quite frankly I'm appalled that your vet would even tell you that is an option
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I quite honestly do not know of any vet that will offer a second opinion over the internet as you have asked. I believe there are ethical reasons involved why that would not be possible. I know when my shepherd was diagnosed with a rare bone disease, after 3 opinions I went and looked for yet another (hoping to hear what I wanted to hear instead of what I knew to be the truth) At any rate, I did find a board, but all they would do was break down into plain english the vet's diagnosis so I could understand it. None of them said they would look at the x-rays and venture an opinion.

I have had cats with three legs, (they are called tripods) and they do quite well. I would choose amputation if it were me. I am sorry you are in the spot and sorrier still for your cat.
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how is your cat,and what did you decide to do?
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