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One of our male cats has recently started dragging his rear end on the ground. At first I figured he must have gotten a tapeworm somehow. All 9 rescue kities are indoor, on Revolution and have their litter cleaned often - but you know how things happen despite your best prevention efforts. Anyway, I took him to the vet and to my suprise - he came up fine. No worms, parasites, or anything abnormal according to the vet. I still keep a close eye when he uses the litter box and haven't seen anything (oh what we moms do, huh?). He continues to drag his rear and I am wondering if I should get a second opinion? Everything looks normal back there on the outside (no inflammation or anything) and he doesn't ever have anything stuck to him that he might be trying to wipe off (he doesn't leave streaks). Any thoughts? Is there something obvious I (and the vet) could be missing?
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Did the vet express his anal glands? Is the cat long haired? Sometimes the hair gets caught and it is quite annoying for the cat, you can clip his hair to prevent that from happening.
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I forgot to mention, the vet did express his anal glands. Also, he is short haired......
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I would take a little bit of canned pumpkin and mix it with wet food and give it to him, and see if maybe that might help him by pushing fiber through his system.
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My cat used to scoot to I just thought it was normal and all we never did anything and she is fine today.
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I never heard of a cat doing this.is it commen?
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my Leo does this when he has a piece of poop stuck (has happened twice), it's quite funny to see....for a cat...

I always wipe his bottom with warm watered paper towel when he does this, the poops sometimes gets stuck in the fur, and he is shorthair too, and it's not loose stool, but the opposite...
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My cat does that when he gets dirty with poop too, and starts to meow all the way until he gets rid of it, (or we pick him up and clean him), it does not happen often.

I heard cats are real picky with their cleaning habits, on time, my cat got a little little piece of tape in the back of his neck, and he could not stop rubbing the floor, until we took the tape off.
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Your cat is doing same as mine! I have a short hair male who is about 4 pounds overweight. He never started scooting until I started feeding him weight control. The vet has ruled out worms and said his glands were normal (after expressing them).
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Ok what exactly does expressing the anal glands mean? If someone doesn't mind telling me.
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The anal glands are two glands on either side of the anus which produce a smelly :-P substance. Normally, when an animal eliminates the anal glands empty but sometimes they do not. That's when a vet has to express, or empty, them. One of the least favorite parts of my job I must say! lol Very stinky.
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