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Bad breath

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Ok, so my poor baby kitty has now developed a serious case of bad breath. Of coarse I know I need to take her to the vet, but I will need time to mentaly prepare myself because she is 17 has CRF & the last time we were there her blood count was a touch low, so of coarse my fear is that it will be very low & I will be faced with the decision that I dread the most. I was on the CRF web site & it talks about how cats with CRF often have a specific smell to their breath. Is anyone farmiliar with that smell? Also I watch her mouth regularly for mouth ulcers & I know the vet & I talked about giving her pepcid if she was having problems eating, which she still seems to be doing OK with, but my question is could the bad breath be from ulcers in her throat that I can't see, or if she had ulcers there would she also have them in her mouth? I don't think there are any vets here, but I know lots of you have had CRF kitties. I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about this. It seems like I think I'm doing better at the prospect of losing her, but then when I'm faced with a decline in her health I realize that I'll never really be ready to loose her.
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Oh Rang_27, I'm so sorry!!! I don't have any experience with this, I just wanted to say that I don't think ulcers in the stomach would mean necessarily mean ulcers in the mouth. Foul breath is often the result of gum problems or cavities. Could be she just needs to have her teeth cleaned and a cavity filled.... (or a tooth pulled). Is she in pain eating?
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I feel so sorry for you. I don't have experience in this either, but I hope someone does. I do know that bad breath can be gingivitis, like in humans. A teeth cleaning might be in store. Good luck!
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It depends on what it smells like? A sweet smell can indicate onset diabetes, Kidney disease makes the breath have a tinge of urine to it, and a sour smell almost acidic indicates liver problems. If the cat has been on a soft diet for a long period of time it may have the beginnig of gigivitus or mouth ulcers.

Best of luck at the vet to you and your poor kitty.
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How's your kitty?
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