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My cat's toy

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My cat, Rat, has this toy that she loves very, very much. She has had this toy for years. She has gone through several just like it. The problem is that now I can't find it anywhere. It's on kind of a wire that has feather on one end and a toy rat at the other end, with a pink handle in the middle. Has anyone seen this toy anywhere lately? I'm fighting hard to make the one she's got last as long as possible. I have had to put it back to together a few times and have had to add new rats to the end. The feather is no longer there, so the other end is duct-taped. She carries this thing around with her everywhere. At night, she gets out of the bed, goes to get her toy, and brings it back to bed with her. You guys have to help me find another one! Please help me.
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omg how cute. That toy sounds interesting!!! I dont suppose you have a picture of it?
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I think I know the company that makes these...let me go check a website that carries the line of toys I think this is one of, if I'm right, I'll be able to research who has the best prices for you (I love product research!).

I'm a bit between computers in a few minutes, but will post a message, either way by later today.
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I did have time to go check this out, the toy I was thinking this might be, isn't it...I thought it might be the quickdraw mcpaw...which features a pink plastic middle with a wire that slides in and out...pulling feathers on the end either to hide inside the plastic middle handle, or to poke out and tantalize...but no mouse involved.

I also did a quick google search with your description, no luck in the first 10 responses.

I'm sorry...I hope someone else here will recognize what toy this is, and have a source for you!
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This is my first time trying to post a picture. I hope this works. This is Rat with the toy. It is in the bottom corner of the picture. It didn't come with the yellow mouse. That was added later. It came with a small white mouse on one end and a feather on the other.
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Wow.. hmm. Looks like you could probly make that toy!
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I am really sorry that I've not seen anything like this before...I sure hope someone will recognize it.
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Ebay may be helpful. They have lots of cat toys and the companies selling them may have what you are looking for.
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