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days of our lives soap

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does anyone on here watch it?? What on earth happened to Chloe that Brady is trying to get on Nicole?
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I watch Days every day. Chloe left to pursue her singing career. The writers decided to put Brady kind of where Austin was before he left the show. That's why he's following Nicole around so much. Although, I think it is way too soon. He was suppose to love Chloe so much. He shouldn't be moving on this soon. Maybe the storyline will work out though. Did you know Brady and Nicole are married in real life? By the way, they fired Abe from the show.
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wow.. I haven't watched it in so long.. No I didn't know Brady and Nicole were married irl.. that's cool I was hoping chloe didn't die and he's moving on that fast because that would have been nuts.. I miss Eric.. he shoulda came back for nicole before she got all pathetic.
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I havent watched that show for such a long time now.
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I use to watch it years ago....I have no clue on what is going on now...all I remember is evil Sammy was trying to take away her sisters husband...(Kerry did marry Austin didn't she?)..she was in a car wreck, and was in a coma for a long time and pretended she didn't remember who Austin was, and he ended up feeling sorry for her so he let her move in with him....that is how long it has been since I have watched it...
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Sammy's been through several husbands, ruined countless lives, been to prison, had a baby, and almost died a couple more times since then! She is as charming as ever!
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I used to watch All My Children and One Life to Live but haven't been able to for a few years! I turned them on a couple of weeks ago when I had taken a weekday off and I couldn't stand watching them!
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I unfortunately have taken to watching All My Children, Passions (I know--gag), and Days of Our Lives. I really need something to do during the day lol.
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Wow, Carrie and Austin both left the show a while ago. It has been a while since you watched it. Carrie moved away with Mike Horton. They fell in love and she forgot about Austin. Austin and Sami almost got married, but he left her at the altar after finding out about her secrets. Now the writers are working on Lucas as her love interest. That is going to be interesting.
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Sammi and Lucas NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! the make the perfect couple and all but still that's just not right! they have spent years hating each other!!!
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well i have a hard time deciding which one is a bigger jerk, so maybe they belong together so no one else has to deal with them. Although both of them (especially Sammie) are very shallow so I don't see that lasting too long.. but at least they have the baby to hold them together.
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I agree with you Sammie is the biggest of the 2!! But I still think that Lucas has a chance to "grow up" and become a pretty decent guy. but not if him and Sammie get together. that will just add to his misery!
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I'm a die hard All My Children fan. I've been watching it since I was very young, like 14. Gotta love Erica Kane! I do catch One Life to Live once in a while, but AMC is one that I never miss!
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ohh wow, I thought Mike Horton was in love with someone else....that is surprising to hear....
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daniela.. I also watch AMC when I catch it--which is pretty often since I've been unemployed For some reason I really like Kendall, she's become one of my favorites. Did Erica and Jackson get married yet? Last I saw, I was on my way somewhere and Greenlee stopped the wedding..

I used to like Dixie a lot.. Too bad she's off.. I also like Hayley but I guess Kelly moved onto bigger and better things
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