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Daily Thread for Weds

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Another hot one here, supposed to get to 98 degrees. I made some horsicles last night and froze the treats for my two guys. They loved them and slurped em right down. All it has in it is apple juice, apples carrots and other treats, but they really loved it.

The kittens are splayed out in the heat on the bedroom tile, right under the ceiling fan. Mike is upstairs it's 103 up there right now! And I am slowly getting the house straightened up. My friend just did an interview with the first same sex couple in Canada to be legally married and I am waiting to read her story before it is submitted. It should be quite interesting.

Other than that, just staying quiet and cool. I did pet Cyclone last night, that was pretty neat!
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I'm happy to hear your progress with the orange Cyclone!!

The weather in the Bay Area is pretty good today, which really seems to improve my mood and outlook. I've been applying for new jobs lately, and that also helps me feel more productive and positive. Rather than stewing in despair, I feel like I'm trying to make a difference in my life!
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It's hot here too...the thermostat's set to 85 to save electricity but the cooler's still running.

Slowly sorting through my boxes of stuff...still have boxes everywhere from moving in with my new husband this spring.
He's lived in this house for years - there's no room for any of my stuff, but we're working on it, making weekly trips to the Salvation Army with duplicate items. The hard part is getting past the "but what if we need it later/oh I remember when I got that/but a loved one gave it to me/but it's collectible" hangups. I can't criticize too much 'cause I'm the same way, but it would be nice to have room to walk in here! Sigh....wish me luck and courage to keep tossing!
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Good luck harrythecat!!!

MA - sounds like everyone is doing their best to stay cool. I'm so glad it rarely, rarely gets that hot around here. Way to go with Cyclone!!!!!

Gary and I have been having a few really crazy days. MaeMae has so much energy, and it's hard keeping up. We haven't heard back from Janice about adopting her, so we made the hard decision to start seeking other options. This place is just too small for five. We're not getting any sleep (well - hardly any), and to boot, Gary's mom is descending upon us Friday night. Between her cellphone and his cellphone, her schedule and our schedule, the information has been coming in dribs and drabs. For a few freaky hours there we thought she was coming here for two weeks!!!! The good news on that one is that then Gary and I could have blown her off (sorry to put it so crudely) the first weekend so we could drive to OH to meet up with Christy and Heidi. But it looks like we're not going to be able to do it, and I can't tell you how upset about it I am. It's a long and annoying story... but suffice it to say that Gary's mom has her share of the nutty genes that seem to be in all branches of his family tree. Don't get me wrong... BJ is a wonderful woman, but she's very stubborn about certain things....

Anyway, it looks like we have someone to adopt MaeMae. This is not improving my mood, and I am not happy about this. I mean - I am happy about it, but not really. I have VERY mixed emotions about it!!!! She's so darn cute and we have fallen completely in love with her... we should play the lottery so we can win enough money to buy an actual home... or a much larger RV.

But at least now we know we can foster, and I'm sure there will be more cats in need.

Hope everyone is feeling better than I am!!!!!!
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Hey Tess, I know exactly how you feel, LOL! Gary and I are both pack rats... and we live in MUCH too small of a space to be like that!!!!!!

Good luck!!!!
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Hey throw a garage sale and use the money to go on a mini vacation. If you have a goal and purpose for getting rid of stuff it is easier to see it as $$$ not a collectable.
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Originally posted by harrythecat
I'm happy to hear your progress with the orange Cyclone!!

The weather in the Bay Area is pretty good today, which really seems to improve my mood and outlook. I've been applying for new jobs lately, and that also helps me feel more productive and positive. Rather than stewing in despair, I feel like I'm trying to make a difference in my life!
Hey where are you in the bay area? It was gloomy this morning.. the sun seems to poke out occasionally.

Another boring day at work. I am going to take 3 huge garbage bags of old clothes to the salvation army today ( trying to make some room for my bf to move in )
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Like a honeymoon? Good idea.

That would be nice! We haven't done that because I lost my job right before we got married - kind of blew our plans out of the water. That would be a great way to do two nice things at once! I'll whisper that idea in his ear.

Best of luck finding a job, Harrythecat!

LDG, I know it's tough to part with a kitty you've become attached to. Sorry you have to go through that - but I'm sure you're right about the comforting effect of fostering.

Hey, Sicy, good for you! Sorry if my posts seem out of sequence - dial-up service, you know.
Click a page, do laundry waiting for it to load, read it, click reply, wait for page to load, go fix lunch, post reply, wait for page to load...get some iced tea......
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Thanks Tess. My mind is just all watery these days between MaeMae, Gary's mom coming, work....

I love the garage sale idea!!!! Go for it!!!
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I know with you and Gary's adoption criteria, MaeMae will have a wonderful forever home. But that doesn't make it any less sad.

We've had a bit of a break from the 90+ heat the past couple days, but it's going right back up there tomorrow. Good thing I'm leaving on Saturday. I'm so excited about meeting Christy. We both really hoped for Laurie to be able to make it out too, but we'll make this work some other time. Wow, the first actual Cat Site person I get to meet! Now to find someone who can take pictures....

I've been SLAMMED at work this week! How typical...I've been bored for 3 weeks but the week before vacation I'm so busy I can't see straight.
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pretty ho here today also, in the area i work it is cool so i didnt notice till i came out, then wow its hot, boring day at work, went for a walk with blackie, now he wants to go again, im going to go out and wash my tracker, it needs it by that time it will time for bed, the evening jsut fly by.
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It is hot here today also. About 101 and climbing! My day has been spent trying to catch up at work (we have someone gone and plus I missed Monday). I've also been busy with phone calls about the situation with my car. Not much progress there yet. Very frustrating.

After work I am going to get some special food for Miss Henrietta. She is so very thin it disturbs me everytime I look at her. I can't wait for her hair to grow back too!

Peaches has been camping out in front of the air conditioner in my bedroom. She has also spent a lot of time laying in front of the door where the two new kitties have been.

Tonight is a beans & franks night, I think! Not feeling much like cooking. It's hard to feel motivated when you're the only one. On the other hand, it's also nice not to have to worry about having to feed someone else if I don't feel like it!
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We managed to hit the high 90s today. Had a heck of a rainstorm, before I got home yesterday.

When I got home, there were two large, ambulatory balls of mud on my patio. Thank goodness, I got them cleaned up before bedtime!

Work wasn't bad today - didn't get sworn at and I only had to bounce two calls to a supervisor.

Hissy, watch out. One of today's calls was from a woman in your town. She has wrecked her car, doesn't know her account number, Social Security number or the name of the dealer, who is repairing her car. She admits to being "disorganized". Hope you don't have a farmers' market, there - her car has been fixed and she'll be back on the road, soon.
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It hasn't been too bad here for the last couple days. Turned the air off. That's not to say it was cool either. But livable with fans.
I volunteered at the hospital I worked at today delivering mail.
Went to vacation bible school this evening.

I agree, it isn't much incentive to cook for yourself but VERY nice not to have to cook for someone when you don't want to.

I have been trying to get rid of some stuff but I seem to accumulate more after that. My house is 6 rooms and it is full. I don't need all this stuff for just me and the kids. Oh well.

Have a good nite.
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Where has this week gone? I didn't realize it was Wednesday already until I saw this thread.

My day was ho-hum. Worse than other days, better than some days. I didn't sleep well last night, so I dragged bottom all day. My algebra class was short and sweet! We got out 30 minutes early. Today the prof illustrated how to graph polynomial functions, piecewise-defined functions, and how to translate and stretch graphs. Yeesh. I'm so tired of x, y, z, a, b, c, radicals, cubes, squares, fractions, positives, negatives, parabola, vertex, h, k, LOL. I dream about these things sometimes. Pretty sorry, huh? I'd rather dream about exotic vacations not quadratic equations.

I managed a cat nap on the couch. I napped awkardly because Penny joined me and chose a most inconvenient spot. I didn't want to disturb her so I slept all contorted. She seldom curls up with me so I didn't want to push her aside. The sacrifices I make for my cats.

Weather-wise, we had a lovely day. I haven't turned the air on much this summer as I don't want a huge bill. But today I treated myself and turned it on. It's nice and comfy in here now.

I'm glad this day is over. All's well that ends well. Today ended well. It started out rough, but it ended well. I remained alive, and healthy today, and ready for another day.

Blessed be.
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