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If it's not to personal and you can share

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How did your significant other propose to you?
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My ex-husband "popped the question" on one of those 1-day cruises. He bungled it pretty badly. I don't think he ever quite got the words out, and the ring dropped, and almost went overboard.

Perhaps a subtle indicator that I should have seen what was in store at that point. Either that or somebody could have just whacked me in the head with a 2 x 4.
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Deb, I am so punchy today

your posts are fu$king killing me!
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Does this mean I'm not funny all the time? You have to be dead tired to appreciate the humor here?
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I can't stop giggling & I keep waiting with baited breath for your next posts.

yes you are funny all the time. just extra funny today, or I'm extra mental....
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My husband never did propose to me. He was leaving for Basic Training in the Army, and we had been dating for a few months. He never mentioned to me what he expected to happen to us when he left. Right before I was about to leave college for home (I had just graduated), I finally had to ask him what the plan was for us. Was I supposed to wait for him or date other men? He said "Well, I just assumed we were going to get married." Men!
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Walking home in a blizzard in Buffalo at the time....
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Got down on his knee after dating for only five days. It will be three years that we are married in July and five years in August that we are together. He's my best friend and also the best pet sitter I've ever had.

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Deb, you are funny all the time..however you being online all day has brought us to see a new side of you

Ken asked me on X mas morning. He wrapped the ring in a present and when I opened it...he asked. The rest is history.
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I have been engaged. Back in late 1991 I was 25 and Kathy was 17 and I was living with an Aunt who had gone out of town. I asked Kathy over for dinner and I had cooked a nice romantic, candlelit dinner. All with wine. It was very nice. I had candles in every room and rose pedals in a predrawn HOT bubble bath (which had cooled enough by the time we got into it) and on the bed and floor of the bedroom. After dinner, we went to the living room where I put on some soft music and had her close her eyes. I then brought out a dozen long stemed red roses with one single white one in the center and in this white rose I had a solitare engagement ring. She ooohed at the roses and kissed me, but still hadn't seen the ring. So, I told her to smell the fragrance of the white one and she atrted to lean in and suddenly stopped. She saw the ring in the center of the bud. I pulled the ring out and got down onto one knee and proposed. She was so happy and excited that within 10 minutes the only thing she had on was the ring! Then we took a nice bath together. It was a wonderfully romantic night.

I should tell you about the limo ride on the beach or the playing putt putt golf afterhours with little prizes (necklace, poems, etc.) in every one of the 18 holes. The hole in the cave was the best, but thats another story.
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Mine wasn't very romantic, or anything. But after we found out I was pregnant with my first, and had decided exactly what we were going to do, then he proposed, but with no ring. I actually didn't get my engagement ring until we had been married for a year and a half! Then I broke it, had it fixed and then lost the dang thing! Who needs a diamond anyways? Now we've been married for almost 7 years, with baby # 3 to appear in September.
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Mine asked me in the car - just conversationally ask "Would you marry me?" I said "Sure" - couple of months later I asked - were you for real -"Ya" . I got my promise ring a bit after that and my wedding band engagement ring a year after that... Not much into diamonds so I got a wedding ring with his birthstone and mine in it! (I love it - it's one of a kind)- not very romantic - but we're still married! I wonder about these girls who won't get engaged/married until they get a ROCK in platinum no less!

Heather V. Havel
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I only got to see my husband on weekends because we lived 1 1/2 hours away. On our first anniversary of dating, which was mid week, Jerry drove down to see me which was a total surprise. He had purple flowers for me. (purple is my favoriate color). I was so happy just to see him. Well we were sitting in my bedroom and he said "Now for the best part" and pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him. It was just so nice because I did not expect it at all.

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I proposed to him...... and he changed the subject...... and that was the end.....
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What a romantic - that could be a movie story!
you made my heart go all atwitter!!
Sounds like Kathy missed out on a good deal!
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I have to agree with Deb. If I already wansn't married -- ummm, well let's just let our imaginations run wild.

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Well, I proposed to my husband!!! We were married 7 years this last May. I bought him a silver Indian Eternity ring and made a scavenger hunt for him with the last clue leading to the ring. Each clue was a small piece of paper with ribbons on it leading to the next clue which had something to do with our relationship. Of course, I got a ring after that. I have never been one to wait around and let things happen. I seem to make them happen!!!
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