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Hello I'm owned by three delightful cats.Jos is 17,mork and mindy are both 6.Mork is a BIG Ginger and white Tom and his big sister Mindy is Quite simply the sweetest cat in the entire universe.
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:flash: Welcome to the Cat Site! :flash:

Post some picture of your furbabies when you have a chance!

p.s. I LOVE the names Mork and Mindy. Very clever!
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Welcome to the site! I loved the show Mork & Mindy! LOL What cute names for kitties.
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welcome to the board!
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I love the piccys of the cats,but I am unable to do the same at the moment as I'm still finding my way with my PC.[I've only had it a month!]Mork+Mindy+Jos say hello to all replies.Mindy is with me now.
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Welcome to the site. I love your cats names!

If you need help with getting photos onto the site, I can help, and there are a couple of excellent FAQs on here that were a great help to me the first time that I tried to upload them. Give us a shout !
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Thanks Daisy30uk,I've just tried to get a piccy of Mork sorted using Adobe photoshop,but I'm so new to computing Ican't make head nor tail of it!
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Hi and welcome to the cat site! i hope you enjoy it here, i think you will, lots of info and just some fun times
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Na-nu na-nu!
Welcome aboard.

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Glad to meet you and your kitties! I'm new here, too.

Wonder if Mork & Mindy willever show up on TV Land. I know it was on Nick@Nite about a decade ago.....
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Hiya. Welcome to the Cat Site. I've been hear over a year, and it is quite an addictive place - loads of good cat info, loads of chat and fun too!!

I hope you get the hang of your PC soon - I'd love to see kittypix too . . . it does take a while to master attaching picures - it took me AGES!

I love S. Wales, have a good friend in Cowbridge and go there quite a lot. An seriously considering moving to one of the border towns like Usk or Monmouth.

Hope to hear more about you and your furry family soon.
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Monmouth is a lovely place,very scenic.
I made an error and posted a new thread instead of posting a reply oooooopps!!Told you I'm new to computing.
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I've never been to Monmouth but I lived in cardiff for 4 years!
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I used to live in Splott in Cardiff in the early 80's,didn't have any cats then just a dog.
How's Belfast?
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Hello there and welcome! Cute names Mork and Mindy, I used to watch the show all the time. The people here are extremely nice and I have found they will help you with what they can. I'm a newbie myself and I'm enjoying all of the forums! Glad to meet you and your kitties.

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Welcome to TCS
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Glad you found us!
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Glad to be here!!!
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Welcome Morkus!!!!!!!! I hope you enjoy your time here at Thecatsite.com, Look forward to seeing pictures of your furbabies!

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Hello and Welcome! I also love the names Mork and Mindy, I used to love that show. I can't wait to hear more about your kitties and hopefully see some pics soon.
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I'm working on the pictures,have managed to get picture into workshop so hopefully should have some on site soon[hopefully]!!!!
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Here is a picture of Mork+Mindy[I hope!]
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Heres Jos!!!
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Mindy doing what she does best!!!
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welcome to TCS! Your cats are lovely!
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