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Opinions about leaving a cat home alone....

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A few times a year, one of my neighbors has me come over to feed her cat (Hermes) when they go on vacation. Usually it is only for a week or so, and I go over twice a day to feed him. I also try to spend at least 1/2 hour with Hermes playing with him and petting him.

My neighbor has asked me to do this again but this time it is for 4 weeks! So the cat will basically be alone in the house for 4 weeks, with the exception of the 40-45 minutes i will be there every day. Do you think that this will effect the cat? I mean...I know it will effect the cat, but is it even healthy? I feel really bad for the cat. He will be getting almost no attention, and will be very lonely for a whole month. Should I express to my neighbor that maybe its a bad idea to leave him for that long. Maybe she could find someone to keep him at their house for the duration of her trip. I would bring him home myself, but i already have 2 cats at home.

Any insight on this would be really wonderful. I do not want this cat to have permanant emotional scars from this experience.
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I do not think it is particularly good for this cat, but it may be the best option. Hermes could end up being boarded and put in a cage, or worse, given away. While I do not know your neighbor, and cannot say for sure that this would happen, but I have seen it happen. At least this way he will be in his own home, with his own toys and bed, and have you to visit him. It is too bad that you cannot take him home with you. I have kitty sat in my home, and even though it was a little crowded for awhile, it was a great experience. I have one cat that just loves everything, and he was thrilled to have a new friend for awhile. We even ended up having play dates for them after his person came and took him home. It is very kind of you to be so concerned for Hermes, and I am sure you will work something out.
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Unfortunately, I know bringing this cat into my apartment would be disasterous. My two do not even like each other, there is no way either would accept a new one.

Thank you for your reply.
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Hello Megan:

I agree, keeping Hermes in his own environments is the best solution. Yes, he will be lonely but at least he is in the place where he feels safe and comfortable. I would try spending as much time with him as possible. Make sure they will leave an article of clothing that has been worn but not washed, that way he has their sent until they return.
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Leaving the cat home is the least stressful way for the cat. Boarding is very stressful and can lead to the cat not eating. Make sure to leave the radio on or the TV so there is some sounds of activity. I'm sure the kitty will be OK as long as you give him some play time each day!
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It sounds like a very sad and lonely situation for that cat, but I agree it's best to leave him at home to reduce the stress. Too bad they don't have two cats so at least they could keep eachother company during these long trips!
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I agree with the majority! It's better for him to be in his own environment than somewhere strange. Just try to spend a little more time with him, maybe if you can
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Thanks for all of the input. I think I am going to try to sleep over there a night or two a week. But then I feel bad for my own kitties, cause they will be home alone! I'm sure Hermes will be fine...I'll just spend as much time with him as I can.
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Originally posted by Meghan 614
I think I am going to try to sleep over there a night or two a week.
That is REALLY sweet. I'm sure your furbabies will be ok for a night a week compared to the poor kitty alone six nites a week!

Spread the kitty love! lol
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On a side note....

Your Zoey looks EXACTLY like my Spike, minus the extra toes! Facial expressions and all.
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Really? Do you have a pic?
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