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cat biting nails

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Oscar will do this, sit on the sofa and start pulling on his back paw nails.....very odd, I have checked and there is nothing there, and they aren't long either. He has two large scratch posts and also climbs the small trees in the garden.

Does this mean he is nevous? LOL, or anyone else had a cat that does this?


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This is common for cats to do this, especially younger cats, because claws do shed, and they also do split, so the biting them just keeps them trimmed (to a certain extent) and helps to shed the outer casing which comes off from time to time.
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It is very normal to see cats do that, it is nothing to with being nervous. Joey and Sabrina bite there back nails and front nails, they are trying to gravel out because sometimes gravel stuck in there paws. Toby doesn't do it because he has no claws.
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Out of our six, one of our cats does this too. Alternative grooming, I guess.
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Max does this, and makes the nastiest CHOMPing sound when she does it. We can hear it from a room away!
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I am glad to read this , Thailee is doing that all the time and a few more cats to . I asume that they just kind of shorten their nails . I gues I asume right
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