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Hey Ghyslaine

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How are things with your grandpa, I haven't heard anything recently. I haven't been around as much, so maybe I missed something.
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Yeah...Ghys, wondering how you've been and how your Grandpa & Grandma were doing. Hope all is well!
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Hiya Brenda!

Thanks for asking. Almost missed the post. Should check here more often.

He's still hanging in there. For the past little while, we keep getting told that from his symptoms, he only has a few days left. We've been at the hopspital daily with him (but no longer stay 24 hours because it became too much)

This past weekend, he had an awful day. Was restless, confused (thought it was raining in his room etc..)

As of sunday, he completely shut down. Up until yesterday, he was no longer eating, talking etc... All he did was sleep.

Today, I went on my lunch hour and nearly passed out. There he was sitting up in bed, his eyes wide open and alert. He even greeted me and called me by my name (he's been calling me by my sister's name since the beginning) The nurse told me he ate all his breakfast and lunch etc... He asked my grandma to see thier bank book and bills. Put his glasses on and held the papers himself (he hasn't used his hands in a long time)

We are heading out to visit him shortly. I want hubby to see him like this.

Not sure if it's just a fluke and he'll go back downhill real fast or what has happened.

It's been a very confusing time for all of us.

I'm glad to see him this way though.

I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again!

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Hi Michelle!

Oh...grandma is back home! She has home care visiting her daily but all in all she is feeling better. She just doesn't have the energy she used to and has to be very careful not to over do it.

Personally...I'm getting better. Had to take a few days to compose myself. Everything caught up with me at the same time and I think I was close to collapsing. But....I seem much better since monday.

Thanks for asking!

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I'm glad you're hanging in there. I know it can't be easy for you. Take care of yourself, too.
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Thanks for the update Ghys. I've been thinking about you too, but honestly was a little afraid to ask. And please do take care of yourself. You're such a giving person, you're going to end up giving up your health!
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Aww...Heidi, that's so nice of you to say! (((hugs))) I am taking better care of myself now.

Thanks again!
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Ghys, I am happy to hear that your grandma is out of hospital. That must be such a relief.

As for your grandfather, that is so nice that he has rallied a bit. With my mom, before she passed away, she had the same sort of thing happen, she sat up and started eating again. And I think that gave her energy to communicate with us better, and to make sure we all were going to be ok. So even if its not a long lasting rally, it is a little break from the slow decline in his health. Take advantage of every moment.

My best wishes and prayers, are with you and your family, as always.
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Thank you so much! I was kind of thinking the same. Some people have said that right before you pass on, you get a surge of energy. Maybe that is what is happening. I'm just not quite sure how long it will last but will definately take advantage of the time.

Your prayers and and best wishes are much appreciated.

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