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OMG..I have to tell yall something

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Last night, we were all outside for a while, and we decided to come in after a short amount of time due to the large amount of misquitoes outside, but my husband got eaten up practically, and started to put some Gold Bond anti-itch cream on them..and here is the funny part....the cream had menthol in it, and Rocky came in the bedroom and was sniffing like crazy...we still weren't sure what he was smelling, until he got over my Steve's feet where he got bitten mostly, and started rolling all over the place like he was high heaven...I was like..this stuff must have cat nip in it or something because he was acting thought as if he had gotten a hold of some....But Steve tried moving his legs out of Rocky's way so he could sprawl out(Rocky, not my husband) all over the bed, but I take it, it was the smell of menthol in that medicine!!..Have your cats ever gone nuts over this stuff?? He didn't lick it or anything, but he just went nuts!!...
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No, but the cats at the vet clinic would go nuts over Altoids...rolling on them and playing with them!
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Just wanted to bump this up...I really go ta kick out of what he did...
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I know that some cats react to menthol like it is catnip, but please be careful.

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would go nuts over Ben-Gay ointment. She would roll all over and act as if she was playing in catnip!
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That is too funny My boys will run from anything that even remotley smells like menthol.
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Fred loves Vicks Vap-O-Rub. When I use it, he will sniff it and get all excited, and give me big, sloppy kitty loves, then try to lick it off me. I have had several cats over the years that loved the menthol smell. Leo would wait until I was asleep, then flop his big, fuzzy, 22 lb. self right down on top of me and lick the Vicks off my throat or chest. That's a fun way to wake up when you're sick.
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LOL you guys crack me up!!!
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Tailer goes ABSOLUTELY NUTS over Gold Bond and Flexall. She'll only sit near you most of the time, but you put that stuff on and she's on top of you, rubbing and moaning and biting you. It's worse than catnip!
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Wow sounds like fun! Maybe I outta give one or two of my kitties a wiff!
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I had a cat who did NOT like the smell of anything mentholated. I had to quit using Ben-Gay because Peanut would pee on my pillow.

My current cats do not seem to be affected. Good thing - nothing works as well on my arthritis.
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that is weird! I don't use anything like that so I have no clue.
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Oh, Tailer goes crazy with Carmex too. She tries to lick it off. Yuck!
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