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Picture f Riley

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LOL okay this is about my 3rd try for this. Here is a picture of my shelter baby Riley, from Kitty Angels, hope to have more once my film gets developed.
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awww.he is beautiful!!!!
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Awwwwwwww he's gorgeous.
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He's so pretty.
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He's beautiful, and he has very unique markings around his face.
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He is beautiful! I love gray cats, I have 2, Griffin and Noah.
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What a pretty boy! That's a look of total contentment on his face too. When our kitties look at us like that we call it "the look of love." I love it!
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He's stunning, and he looks absolutely content!
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Beautiful cat!
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He's gorgeous, but for some reason I keep thinking of Winston Churchill! LOL Must be the facial markings.
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awwwww....Sweet baby!

TTmom- Or Teddy Roosevelt?
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omg he's gorgeous
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What a handsome little fella!
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Aww he's such a handsome boy.
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Tuxedokitties--yeah, Teddy Roosevelt is another good one. He's so sweet!!!!!
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What a beautiful boy you have there!
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he is so cute!!!
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