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Animal communicators

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Has anyone had personal experience with an animal communicator?
I have a cat that is spraying.
It does not appear to be medical (no UTI, urinalysis OK...etc)
It seems to be behavioral.
I have just recently plugged in the feliway diffusers, but too soon for complete success.
Today, Jim (the cat)stood right behind me as I sat on the bed and sprayed on my back.
A fellow rescue volunteer suggested an animal communicator that she has used with success. Do I call or is it all a scam?
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A few years ago my horse fell quite ill. Hospitilized in the best clinic in the county he was not getting any better. The vets tried everything, and finally they just sent him back home where he continued to do poorly. In desperation I reached out to an animal communicator that I heard of over the Internet. She lives in another area not close to me. Skeptical that she could help *long distance* I made contact with her, sent her the payment and she went to *work* She told me the next day what Racer had told her he "needed." Again skeptical, but knowing there was no where else to turn, I went out and got everything she told me about, and I mixed it all up and gave it to him in yogurt. He wouldn't take it, not lick it, nothing. Mad as a wet hen I called her back raging she was a fake! I didn't tell her anything beyond he wouldn't take the mixture. She very quietly told me to calm down and she would call me right back. I hung up fuming and in about an hour she called me and said........"he does not like yogurt!" Now, I did NOT tell her how I mixed it. I went out and got some applesauce, and fed him the mixture and he wolfed it down. In a week he was feeling better and in a month he was cured. I don't understand it, and yes I know there are fakes, but there are also those out there who have this gift.If you can find a real one, I say go for it. I am a believer after my experience- you bet!
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You know my Dad would say this was all bunk, but people used to call him to tame horses. My Dad has this thing will animals. He seems to know how to calm them down. When we were growing up, all our pets loved Dad the best. Dogs who are agressive with everyone else, will just come a lay at his feet.

When my sister and brother-in-law brought their cocker spaniels to obedience school, the would have a break time where they were supposed to play with one another. My Dad came to the classes to watch and learn the commands. At the break time all the dogs would run to my Dad and try and jump in his lap. The trainer said she had never seen anything like it.

So I think he could have developed that, but like I said he would say it was bunk. However, he definately has some communication with animals that the rest of us don't.
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I went out and got some applesauce, and fed him the mixture and he wolfed it down

I sometimes believe I could get my mare to eat her own droppings if I only served them with syrup.
For now I only put syrup on her muesli/sedalin mixture, when uncle shoeing-smith is visiting
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I say go for it.

I had my first session with a communicator a couple months ago about Zoey's biting problem and to just chat with her/Zoey. I dont think she told me anything too fascinating, but she helped me to understand a bit why Zoey was biting and what I could do to help.

Here is the 'transcript' if anyone is curious!

1. Why does Zoey bite me when she plays? I tell her NO! and it just seems to egg her on even more! How can I stop this, etc.

Mary told me that this is all she knows, from when she was little. She always played like that. Mary told her to be nice to me, that it hurts when she does that. Zoey says she is not trying to hurt me, she loves me. Mary told her that each day she goes without biting me that I will give her a treat. Zoey says she loves those treats. I told Mary that a couple times I will pick her up and put her in the bathroom for time out for about 10 minutes or so when she gets really excited and really trying to bite me. Mary saw that at least on one occasion I picked her up by her neck like a mom cat would do her kittens I did

As far as yelling at her NO and it just seems to egg her on, Mary said that this just excites her more and her adreniline just gets more active .. she gets off on me yelling She told me to gently tell her no, talk to her and show her mental images of her playing with me with her mouth closed and quietly. She says cats can see our mental images like pictures and if I picture her biting me she will think its ok. She says to look for the signs of her getting feisty or ready to bite me and immediately stop petting her or touching her.. then give her the mental images and softly tell her to 'be gentle'. That and to walk away from her when she gets like that or grab one of her toys for her to play with instead.

2. Does she like my boyfriend?

Well, not as much as me.. he's ok. But he seems to take some attention away from her. This may be why she seems to bite me more when he's here.

3. What is her favorite toy? (This was supposed to be kind of a trick question.. heh)

Mary says she loves all her toys but she prefers ones that let her run a distance, or chase, such as the laser. She really loves the feather on a stick and that seems to be her favorite toy. (Pretty accurate I'd say.. that and the laser are her favorites)

4. Why doesnt she let me pick her up? She hates it.. she meows and meows and even tries to bite me

She says the kids used to haul her around alot.. she feels vulnerable when I'm holding her or trying to cuddle with her. Mary says to start slowly and pick her up and put her down maybe 2 feet away. Do this little by little until she learns that I will not hurt her.

5. Does she enjoy chatting with me? We do this meowing chirping thing back and forth until she gets really excited and tries to pounce my face, but she never does, she just jumps at me and gets her nose up to my nose, occasionally gently swatting my face then runs away

Mary says Zoey loves it. Zoey says I try hard to mimick her but I'm not nearly as good as her She says when she jumps up and swats and runs away play time is over.

6. Can she sleep by my face or stomach at night rather than all the way at the end of the bed?

Mary says Zoey is funny about her personal space. She likes to be near me but she's not much of a cuddler. She likes to have her own space. (very true) For now she says to let her have her space... maybe in the future she will get more comfortable and sleep on my head or something

7. Is there anything else Zoey wants to say to me?

Zoey loves living with me.. she loves me and she's very happy to be with me. She does get bored sometimes (when I'm at work) and it would be nice to get her a buddy ya right.. like I can afford another cat

Mary says that Zoey wants to be a good cat.. I have to keep reminding her with mental pictures. Mary said she's an extremely active cat (yes very much so lol). She also told her that I said she was a good cat for using her scratching post.

Sooooooo all in all it was an interesting and learning experience if anything. I know what I have to do regarding the biting and after some time and some work hopefully she will stop eventually. She says putting her in the bathroom for timeouts is good when she gets really bad.. but to not let her get to that point. Always stop touching her when I see she's ready to bite. And boy I can always tell when she's ready to bite.
I've been giving Zoey a mixture of flower essences that Mary made for me in her food for the last couple months. Zoey's biting has decreased by 80% at least. I can now actually pet her and head bonk with her quite often without her goin for my hands

I know that doesnt have anything to do with your peeing problem but since this is a communicator thread I thought I'd share my experience
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Sicy - was this all over the telephone, or did she come over?

How would I go about finding a good animal communicator or behaviorist? (it's actually for my dog)
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Some Petco's are starting to feature Pet Communicators.
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We have them listed on

Animal Communicators
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Thanks guys.

Jen, let us know what you decide & how it works out for you!
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Originally posted by tuxedokitties
Sicy - was this all over the telephone, or did she come over?

How would I go about finding a good animal communicator or behaviorist? (it's actually for my dog)
This was over the phone. She lives in Washington. She's actually the last one there on the meowhoo list
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wow! hissy & sicy that is really neat. I really wanted to try one to see what moe and neo's story was before we found them. I always wanted to know if they were dumped or if there mommy was wild.
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Most of them charge around $40 - $45 for a half hour session.. Mary went over about 10 min on our session and didnt charge me.

I think its worth it to try it at least once You have to have an open mind about it though.
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Yes, Val! Wouldn't that be neat? I'd love to know my strays' histories. Has anyone here done this to find out about their pets' past?
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I would like to know how Bleu-boy is really feeling! I want to know why he stopped eating and drinking and became so sick. I want to know if there's something I need to do for him to make him feel better.

I would like to know how Penny lost her eye. I would also like to know if she knows what made her so sick a few weeks ago with that 107 temperature.

I want to know why Dottie insists on screeching and why she's so grumpy all the time.

They do this over the phone, huh?
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Wow, MA, that's a great story!

I would love to know why Tillie has such an aversion to being picked up or held, how Khepera likes his new home and new name, what all of their lives were like before they met me. I would be really interested in finding out what it was that injured Sunshine before I found him, when he was about 10 weeks old. (He had a gash in his throat, something tore at it.) I would like to know how they feel about living in a multi-cat home the way they do. I would also like to communicate to them just how much I love all of them and how much richer and happier my life is with all of them in it. (I think they know that already, but I would like to reinforce it, make sure they don't doubt how much I love them!)
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Some do it over the phone, some over the internet if you send them pictures of your animals and if you are close enough they come to your home.
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Originally posted by jmvito
They do this over the phone, huh?
They mentally connect with your cat while you are on the phone with them. Mary said she prefer if Zoey was near me at the time of the session. I sent her a picture of Zoey through email. She said it wasnt absolutely necessary, but it would help.

I think most do it over the phone! You guys should try it.
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Hmm, do their charges vary depending on how many animals you have? Or is it simply time-based?
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For me it was timebased, and back then she only charged $20.00 an hour plus I had to pay for the phone calls- now I hear her rates are up and she is in high demand. But right now not in the country.
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I wonder if they would do a small freebie, just a demonstration that they are not phonies. Like, if they could tell me something so specific about my cat that I have no doubt that they are for real. I don't think it's too much to ask, because of course most people will be skeptical about this sort of thing. By the way, Hissy, that story about the yogurt is amazing!
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I am giving it some serious consideration. Will let you all know if I decide to go with it.
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i want to get it done. I just want to make sure that person is for real.
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You cant trick them into answering questions. You just have to have a really open mind and choose someone reputable. If you're very skeptical, then dont do it. Do research on the person before you make an appointment.
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Interesting! I'd love to have them "talk" with Micah and Noah.

Sicycat...would you be willing to share Mary's information with us?

I'm sorry Jim is spraying. Have you noticed that he's done it anywhere else?
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Originally posted by NoahsMommy
Sicycat...would you be willing to share Mary's information with us?
Yep! I posted the link to her site earlier ..

Originally posted by Sicycat
This was over the phone. She lives in Washington. She's actually the last one there on the meowhoo list
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Thanks for the link.
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