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New companion for Mistopheles?

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Hello. I've posted this under both Behavior and the Lounge, just so that I get as many responses as possible.

Until 10 weeks ago, we had two 2 year old cats; a brother and sister called Mistopheles and Mai Thai. They were very close (always washing eachother or playing), but sadly a day after Mai Thai's 2nd birthday we had to put her to sleep. For 6 months she'd been suffering from seizures and despite seeing some of the UK's top specialists we never got to the cause, except to say we think it may have been due to problem with missing liver enzymes. We always promised to keep fighting for her as long as she wasn't in pain or distress, but on the day of her birthday she had a massive fit that left her mewing every few seconds non-stop (probably brain damage). It was the hardest and most upsetting thing to do to let Mai Thai go, but we had to keep our promise for her.

Anyway, to cut a long and emotional story short, Mistopheles grieved for a while and has since become even more noticeably dependant on my wife and I for affection. He doesn't wander so far outside any more and stopped playing with most of his toys (perhaps they bring back memories).

I know that humans have a habit of projecting emotions and feelings onto animals that may not necessarily be true, but we feel sorry for Mistopheles as he seems lonely and bored now (which may not be the case). On the positive side he gets tons of affection from us, lots of treats and has the house to himself - on the negative side, he no longer has Mai Thai to lick, to chase or to pounce on and play fight with. A stick with a feather on can only do so much.

Soooo...what I want advice on is; should we get another cat in for Mistopheles? I was thinking about getting a rescue cat (probably another girl like Mai Thai) that's between 6-12 months old (so Mistopheles keeps the alpha male role). But will he hate us for it - will he feel pushed out - is he in fact very happy with things as they are - he may look bored sitting in the garden, but perhaps he's just happy chilling out. Alternatively is he becoming an old man before his time - he's only 2, so another cat would have him running and playing again and give him company other than us.

We're so confused as to what would be the right thing? Get him a new soul mate to share his life with, or leave him to have the run of the house alone? We don't need another cat - this would be primarily for Mistopheles sake (although we'd love another cat too, we're not looking to replace Mai Thai...that's not possible). Are we being silly, as Mistopheles is probably fine as he is? I've always has cats in pairs all my life (seems more natural than a lone kitty) and I thought that cats were social animals like lions...so they need a soul mate. Or should we just leave Mr Fleas to his own devices and stop fussing over him so much?

Anyone with real experiences or advice would be much appreciated.


Many thanks, Toby
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Hi Toby, I'm so sorry you had to have Mai Thai PTS. It's always such a difficult thing to do.

I think Mistopheles could do with a companion cat. It sounds like he was (and still is) mourning the loss of his sister and a new companion might just be the thing he needs to re-ignite his interest in life and all things fun, especially as he's still young. Of course, it may take a few days for the new cat and Mistopheles to get to know each other and there might be some initial hissing and growling. I think, with a friend, he might just return to his old playful self.
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Habing very recently gone thru the same problem when we lost our 12yr old & he left behind a very lonely 6yr old. My hubby & I decided to pick up a shelter companion for her & we have been very happy with our decision. Now they both have the companion ship they needed & are not lonely.
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Hi Toby,

It really is your decision and your choice what to do. If your remaining cat is getting all your love and affection than Mistopheles just has to grieve and get through the loss just like you do. A new feline friend could be a good idea, or it could backfire on you. It really all depends on your remaining cat, and if you did get another, just how you went about introducing the two.

On a side note, I have removed your second posting from Behavior. Duplicate postings are not really allowed here, and you will get more response from the Lounge where most of the traffic goes anyway.
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Is there any way to introduce a potential new kitty to Mistopheles, before committing to the adoption? Most cats do hiss and growl at a new one, at first, but eventually they usually learn to get along, and even love each other. At least in my situation that has been the case. One question: Would you love the new kitty as much as Mistopheles? It would be sad if the new kitty didn't feel as special or as loved - if you know what I mean.
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u know, Toby, I really think u should just get another companion cat...it's always fun to have playmates rather than just play alone... esp when he is still so young... give it a shot...but do note that u might need to reassure him that u r gonna give the same amt of attention and love even with the new companion...good luck...
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Thanks for the replies so far...we probably will get Mr Fleas a companion and will think it over during the next week or so. We don't want to rush into anything and we'll see how he's doing. He is happy (good coat, eating well, chasing butterflies, chatting and being affectionate), it's more a case of finding a balance between stimulation from another cat, or leaving him be and stop fussing so much (we do worry too much I guess). But I agree that two is better than one, and it would be great to see him ambushing a friend again rather than just sunbathing.
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There are some really good flower essences for cats that are grieving
you could try some of those...

we went through the same thing with bobbie and diesel. when diesel passed on bobbie was all alone, and though she seemed okay... deep down we knew that after the initial trauma of introducing two cats was over... she'd be okay with a new cat.

in fact i think the excitement of getting a new cat, actually took her mind off the loss as it focused her attention on something other than her companion not being around anymore... in fact when we got zooey, she really brought out the kitten in bobbie again! by the time the fifth day was over bobbie was playing with zooey in ways we hadn't seen her do since the passing of Diesel...

if i were you i'd try and get as young a cat as possible. i think cats react better to kittens and they're not so threatening as a bigger cat... you may also want to pick a breed that is known for being a bit laid back so you don't wind up with a really hyper kitten who might stress your cat out...

and you really have to approach the introduction of cats carefully:
here's how we did it...
the rose/vanilla essence really did the trick...
if you're planning on using it maybe you can get your cat used to it even before you get the new cat... i think if we ever get another cat i'll be using this method...

well, these are just my thoughts but you know... if you're already considering getting a cat then perhaps it's the right thing as... if it weren't then it's unlikely that you would have given the idea of getting another cat much thought... you know what i mean right
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chasing butterflies
tell us you have pictures of this you can post...
it sounds so adorable!!!
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