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Doesn't like litter box liners

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We have a covered litter box and I use plastic liners. Donny has decided he didn't like the covered box. So we took the top off. Now he has decided that he doesn't like the litter liners. I love the convenience. So he makes no attempt at covering any more. When he was just a few months old he didn't have any trouble covering properly. He's just discovered this dislike of the liners as he has reached the ripe old age of 7 months.
He's been to the vet and is in great health and he has been neutered.

It may be that I will have to get him a bigger and shallower pan.

Any suggestions?
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Stop using the liners. I find that the cats don't like them because they get caught up in their claws, and using liners can actually stop a cat from covering up their waste. Spray the bottom inside of the pan with PAM cooking spray prior to dumping new litter in, and the waste will just slide right out. Keep a covered bucket nearby with a plastic liner inside of that and dump your waste in there. Once it is full, cart it off to the trash. To keep the smell down, take a paper towel and soak it in Bleach, and drop the towel into the covered bucket to absorb the smell of the waste. Works for me.
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Thanks for the good ideas.

I hadn't thought about the plastic catching on their claws. I'll try the PAM.
I'm pretty good about keeping the solid waste out of the box. If I don't I have a labrador retriever that will do it for me. ICK.

I also wondered if the box was too deep. I went a week without using the liners but he didn't cover then either.
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I gave up on liners a long time ago. Corkscrew rips them to shreds, and I even used to put on two at a time and I would still need a trashbag because both were torn up so badly that eventually I realized they were trouble then they were worth.
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I use the liners and Max doesn't seem to mind, however, I do use up litter quite a bit. I also have a covered litter box. He is very private and I don't think he would like an open box.
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I used the PAM. What a great idea.
He's still not covering. But the next time I go to walmart I'm going to look for a wider, longer box.
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I tried those liners for awhile, but they made the litter box smell much stronger for some reason.
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When I first got Oreo I gave the litterbox liners a try for a while. I eventually gave up on them because Oreo would end up tearing them so I would have to use a garbage bag anyways.
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So far Donny seems happier without the liners. But he still doesn't cover well.
I'm looking for a longer and less deep pan to use. With limited space it makes it difficult.
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He may have just never learned litterbox manners. Kittens taken early from mom that don't learn how to be a cat will not cover their waste, no matter what the human tries to do to teach them.
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The confusing thing is he used to do a great job when he first came to live with us. When he outgrew the little litter box and we started having to deal with smell issues we bought a covered litter box. Things seemed to fall apart from there.
I've taken the cover off and removed the liners. And now I'm trying to determine the next step.
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