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Ok i was going to get Fluffy done at 6 months. He's 3 moths old and a no kill cat shelter here is offering neutering for $45 with tatto and F3 shots. She said the F3 will cover all his boosters and she also said that 3 months is not too young and they do many at that age. What do you think?
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I find that this depends on the clinic or the vet. Some vets won't do early spays, and others will. My vet will not neuter unless the cat is 6 months old, that is just his policy.
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Our first cat BK aka Bad Kitty was neutered at 17 wks and he has had no problems. He is 16 months old now and weights 14 lbs and is a bad kitty
Our two new kittens are 15 wks old so in two weeks, off they go and our new dog Spunky is going this Friday and he is between 4to 5 months old. He is a rescue dog, The Desoto Animal Rescue Society, rescued him from a kill shelter when he was a puppy and we adopted him a month ago
So we are now at 5 cats and 1 dog
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I've had several of my cats desexed around the 12 week mark with no problem. My friend is a breeder, she also happens to use the same vet as I do. When she first started going there, their policy was to desex kittens at 6 months of age, however she insisted they desex them at 11 weeks because she won't sell entire cats. After they'd done this they commented on how much easier it is to desex them at a younger age. I was watching a vet show on the TV last week, and the vet on the show said the same thing, she said something about less "fat" or something like that.

There's some links to early spay/neuter sites below.

Early Spay/Neuter

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I had 2 of mine done at 4 months which is the earliest my vet would do it.
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Hmmm tattoo??

On Zoey's humane society papers it says in one section "shaved - tattoo/scar seen" I wonder if that means that they shaved her just to see if she had been spayed? She was 11 months at that time (when I got her). And do they tattoo them when they spay them or something? Why? A little confused on this..
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Out here alot of places tattoo their ear for id purposes in case they go missing. This usually done at time of neutering/spaying.
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My cat had a tattoo on her ear. It was a circle with a line through it. I believe they do it because it's hard to tell if a female has been spayed, the tattoo confirms this.

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When I adopted my first cat from the SPCA he had an "N" tattooed in his ear and a number tattooed on the inside of his back leg. I assume the "N" stood for Neutered. When I took in 2 strays last year, the SPCA spayed & neutered them low cost for me. They each got an "S" tattoo in their left ear which they told me stood for Sterilized and also a number on each of their inner thighs which they told me would trace them back to me if they were ever lost and returned to the SPCA.
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I haven't heard of any tatooing thing. This is interesting. My cat didn't have any of that done. She was spayed, but there isn't tatoo.
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When I took Scrappy (feral) to be Spayed they left a tatoo ink spot on her tummy.
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our aspca does them as young as 8 weeks!! My vet prefers when they hit 5 pounds.
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My vet won't do it intill they are 6 months
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Best time to have your kitten neuter is at around 5-6mos; some vets will do early spray and neuter if necessary.
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I work at a cat hospital, and we prefer not to spay/neuter before 5 months or at least 5 pounds, because of anesthetic risk to tiny kittens. However, opinions of this vary a lot from clinic to clinic.
As for tatooing your cat, it's pretty useless. Sure, if you think someone has found your cat you can describe the tattoo to them and if it's your cat it will match up; but this only helps if you are able to contact the person who has the cat. With a microchip, they just scan the cat, and the chip # then provides your name, address and phone #. Please don't waste your money on a tattoo!
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