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Ragdolls meowing with...

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My 2 Ragdolls love the small real fur mice. Both cats (mother and daughter) carry them around with the mice in their mouths....and meow at the same time. I have had cats all my life and have never seen this before. Just wondering if any body elses cats meow with toys in their mouth or are my Ragdolls weird?
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Oh, yay, another one like yours over here! Kayla, my little girl, also carries furry mice around and meows, with a kinda question sound. She likes to drop them into the water bowls also.

An excuse to post her picture, I just snapped it. Sorry, I'm very new to posting and need practice to get the hang of it. Yzma had to fix my other one. Hope this pic comes out right.


Nope! Huge scary kitty pic. Trying again.
Nope again! Thanks jgaruba! Trying again. So embarrassed.
Think I got the hang of the smilies.
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Your baby is adorable! What beautiful eyes.

I grabbed a copy of your pic and resized it for you... the one you posted is going to kill people on dial-up, so you might want to remove the big one.
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What a beautiful cat

Zoey carries her toys in her mouth but she doesnt meow while she's doing it
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Max does this with styrofoam peanuts. And one day this past week, Phoenix brought me half a dozen catnip pillows, one at a time, one right after the other, with that questioning meow each time. It was so darned cute!

They are bringing us prey they've caught, basically!

I always make sure that I tell them what brave hunters they were, killing that piece of foam or catnip toy all by themselves. They really love the praise and appreciate that I realize they are "providing" for me. Silly kitties!
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Another one over here. Popcorn will bring me toy mice, bits of rope, stockings, balls of wool and small toys, all the while, meowing, right from down the hallway as if to say, "Look, look what I brought you!" So I tell her what a wonderful girl she is and thankyou for bringing me a lovely gift.

The other 3 don't do it at all.
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[quote]Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
[b]Max does this with styrofoam peanuts.

Hi Mom Of 10 Cats....I have heard that packing peanuts are one of the worst things to to let cats play with. If they eat enough of can cause intestine blockages because the cat can't digest the styrofoam. I don't want anything to happen to any of your beautiful furkids. I get alot of packages in the mail. Last week I left a box full of packing peanuts on the chair. Adori my mitted bluepoint ragdoll jumped in the box not knowing what was in it...suddenly she jumped out of the box like a "jack in the box" running around scared with at least 50 stuck to her long fur. She looked like a mini Christmas tree with ornaments hanging off her without lights..LOL..Here I am running through the house trying to pick them off of her, and she was thinking I was mad at her and running from me. What a mess she made..LOL
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moemoe does that all the time. It is too cute! They also put there toys by our door or in our shoes
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ROTFL!! My little Rocko walks around talking with a rat in his mouth, too. He also like dropping the rat in his food dish... I have found as many as 3 rats in his dish at a time, LOL. My husband and I have always wondered what's going through his little head...
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This is too funny -- I thought Harry was the only weird one! He meows loud with his toys in his mouth. I call it "talking to his babies", and he also puts his "baby" in his dry food dish every single day. I wonder why he does that?
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LOL!! That is funny!! Maybe we should ask this question in the Cat Behavior forum... I am really curious why they drop the toy in their food dish, too… Why they walk around talking with a toy in their mouth, I wish I knew for sure -- it's so cute!!!!!!!!!

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Loki dosen't talk with this toys in his mouth - he just talk not what . A regular yenta that one is. But when I come home from work I find a minimum of 3-4 toys in his dry food!!
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Ok, we HAVE to figure this out. Why oh why do they put their toys in their food dishes???? To "claim" the food dish? Because they think it's a handy storage place for toys? Because they dropped it there when they were eating? Any other ideas?

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Maybe...JUST Maybe our kitties are treating the toy like "prey" -- dropping it the food dish, well, um, I'm still pondering that one, ROTFL!!

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How about this one, so all their slaves opps I mean owners will go on a websight & try to figure out why they did that. See their actially behind the sofa laughing at us right now.
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Probably because the toys get tasteless after a while so the kitty wants the toy to taste like something else the cat loves. LOL.....
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My Ragdoll named Adori has a habit of meowing with the fur mouse in her mouth after I go to bed. Her meow is muffled slightly because of this......It causes me to jump out of bed everytime because I think that she is either hurt or choking. I flip on the light to see if she is OK and low and behold there she is with the mouse in her mouth smiling at me like she is saying Ha Ha Ha I fooled ya again dad. She did it to me the last two nights....errrrrr I will get even with her. I know......I will forget to brush her for a day That should teach her.
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I don't ever recall seeing/hearing my cats meowing while carrying a cat toy. . . . . however I do cherish the time that my cat George (bless his soul) came in one rainy night. . . .
I felt bad that he got all wet and proceeded to dry him off with some paper towels. He walked into the next room and out of his big mouth (he was a big boy) came a nice fat (live) wet frog! It tried to hop away as George decided to catch it. We put the poor thing outside.

It's a memory that we will always cherish.

Laurie :angel2:
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Oooo that's scary Laurie - The frog part of your story...

My friend Nicole and I (we're Floridians) saw this adorable young cat at the Cat Protection Society walking (off balance) with it's head cocked to the side and we asked the lady working there why he was doing that. She said that he ate a frog and that he was suffering from neurological damage. Needless to say, I am suspicious of all frogs because that lady couldn't tell me what species it was and my cats love to catch lizards and frogs...

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Thanks for the warning about cats & frogs.
George passed away (not from eating a frog). . . . on 7/19.
I don't think we have poisonous frogs in my neck of the woods (NH).

We got a kick out of his little frog fettish. . . .

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Ok LMAO @ this thread!!! Why do they drop the toys in their food dish? I'm seriously going to fall out of my chair laughing picturing this in my head.. cuz Zoey doesnt do this. Someone video tape this! LOL
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Originally posted by George'smom
Thanks for the warning about cats & frogs.
George passed away (not from eating a frog). . . . on 7/19.
I don't think we have poisonous frogs in my neck of the woods (NH).

We got a kick out of his little frog fettish. . . .

Oh Laurie, I am sorry to hear that George passed away -- As far as these darn frogs go, I really need to do some homework and find out what kind of "frog" they are referring to. My cats have an outdoor enclosure and they still have the ability to capture outdoor critters -- I think I will ask my vet next week since I have to take the boys in for their check up.

BTW; My Rocko dropped a tree frog in my hand in the wee hours of the morning while I was sound asleep. It was so cute because he was meowing with it in his mouth (I thought it was his toy rat) and it was pitch dark...then he dropped it in my hand - ROTFL!! I was not prepared for a wet frog hence, I sprung out of bed and did a "BIG GIRL" cartwheel out of fear...LOLOLOL!!!

I guess all cats are "hunters" no matter what we do...LOL

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My little female cat drops her mice in the water bowl (scared the heck out of me when I walked in and saw that the water was black then realized it was the dye from a mouse she dropped in there!)

Here's my theory, I always thought she was trying to "drown" the mouse or put it somewhere where it couldn't get away. However, I don't know why they would drop em in the food dish.

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I kinda had that as a theory too. Then since only my girlie did it, when she moved them from the water over to the food bowl, I thought maybe she'd decided it was a baby, especially after I'd see her carrying some around with her. But she was spayed really young. Amazing what's still in those genes.

Several people have also mentioned the meowing while carrying, still haven't got a theory on that. And it really sounds like she's asking something!
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That's definitely it, she thinks they're her babies and she taking them over to get food and water! That is so adorable and yet so sad because she'll never be able to have babies! Awwww...
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I loved your story about Rocko and the tree frog.
Tree frogs are so cute, but I could not imagine how I would react to having one dropped in my hand in the dark when I'm just waking up. I'd probably have the big one!

After reading everyone's posts about their cats dropping their toys in their food dish. . . come to think of it. . . when I first got "George" I gave him a new toy fuzzy mouse and found it the next day in his dish. . . . covered in food. I thought he did it because he was upset for having been displaced from his home to come live with us and was showing a little resentment.

I also used to catch him trying to bury his food if he did not like it!

He did not carry his toys around otherwise, but did sleep with them in his cat bed (he used to hold one of his fuzzy mice). So cute!

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I don't remember every seeing thie either. But I can almost imagine if any of my cats every do this it will be Henrietta! She is the most playful and active
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