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My cat Jaspurr since his shooting has been the greatest. I had him neutered when I took him to get his stitches out. He is just so snuggly now. He never liked to be held before, now he is my baby. I'm not sure if its the neutering or the trust he developed while he was injured/recovering. I'm really pleased. Not once has he tried to sneak outside. (maybe I should shoot the other two. I know, bad joke)
Jayda, the cat my family picked (as opposed to the cats that picked us) is adapting reasonably well. She is my husband's baby. She used to really like me but last month she had an eye infection and I had to use medication to clear it up. Ever since she won't let me get within 5 feet of her. Someday I think she will forgive me.

Mewpurr is still somewhat of a problem. She reminds me of a teenager. She doesn't listen to a word I say and when I tell her to stop all that spraying stuff she just looks at me as if saying "make me" " your not my boss" She is here for the kids. So loving and laid back. I take care of her, talk to her and she talks back, occassionally I pet her but mostly she's here for the kids. I think she senses I'm upset about the spraying. She also knows she's not going anywhere. She's the queen. She's almost got me trained to stay out of HER livingroom.
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What happened to Jasper

I think its normal for neutered males to become more affectionate and stay close to home after being neutered

Mewpur's story made me laugh.. have you tried feliway?
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Personally, I think Jaspurr's change in attitude could be attributed to both the nursing care he received from you, and the neutering.

After having 2 critically ill cats in the last couple of months, I am convinced that they are grateful for the care they received from me. Both cats have changed a great deal, but most especially the younger one Penny.

I'm glad that Jaspurr is recovering so well. Do you know who shot him? Was he shot on purpose?
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He was an inside cat that occassionally would sneak out. I'm not sure how it happened. I left to run to the store and came back half hour later and my back door was open which I always left closed but rarely locked. There was blood on stairway heading to my kids room. I quickly checked all the animals and when I picked up Jaspurr he screamed. I freaked out and took him to the vet she said without even a pause that he had been shot with a BB-Gun. I was floored. I mean I heard of people doing stuff like that but had never actually known anyone that had it happen. Jaspurr was hit in the mid to back section the BB hit his back leg chipping some bone from the leg and some from the rib. I never heard anything about it from anyone. I'm new to this neighborhood and don't really know anyone yet but I have heard stories of the old man next door chasing kids away from his yard with a shot gun so I wouldn't put it past him but will never really know. I'm happy to know he has no desire to get out but the other two still occassionally sneak out (both females). I just hope to God someone doesn't shoot them too.
Tried Feliway for Mewpurr but with no luck yet, still trying it. I'm ready to try anything at this point. I can't bring myself to get rid of her but at same time she is driving me crazy.
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Did you think to report to make a report to the police?

I worked with a gal that had her house up for sale. Around here, the agents do open houses on Sundays. Well, my co-worker and her family left the house in the charge of the agent for the day of the open house. When they got home that afternoon, the agent said everything was fine and they had a lot of people come through. The gal after a few hours of being home, she realized she hadn't seen her kids' cat. She looked everywhere through the house, and finally started down the basement stairs. There was the cat laying dead in pool of blood. She called the police and they came over right away. They spent weeks investigating the murder of this cat, as it turned out, the agent kicked the cat downstairs, and then jumped up and down on it. i was so impressed with the police department for taking such an interest in her cat.

Another co-worker was practicing with his bow and arrows at his parent's house. He was shooting arrows into a large stack of hay bundles. To his dismay, when he went to retrieve his arrows, he found his mother's cat back there full of arrows. he felt so awful that he accidently killed her cat.
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I didn't report the shooting because from prior experience I know that the police in this area don't do much other than place the report. When my car was stolen and recovered the theif left all kinds of evidence in the car including credit card purchase receipts and a work picture id from one of the area casinos. I called the police and told them I had this stuff and they wouldn't even come out to pick it up. When a drunk driver plowed into my building at work a police officer was right behind the drunk driver and I asked the officer if he saw that he said yeah there's all kinds of drunks out on this shift and left. Plus the reaction from the vet made it sound like it happens all the time. She said oh yeah its a bb gun shot if it was anything larger than there would have been a burn mark and bigger wound. I'm from the Detroit area and I guess they are so busy with bigger crimes that they don't take the time to investigate anything other than murders. A friend of mine had a 4 year old daughter who was killed by hit and run driver and police spent a week trying to find the driver then it was old news and stopped investigating. The case is still open but police aren't doing anything. I think its terrible but if they don't value human life how can I expect them to care about my cat that was wounded.
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