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I really am right now...who else has this problem? please email or pm me.
and of course the fact that my brother is needing a liver transplant and does not take care of himself does not help. my mother is very upset, because he has to meet with the transplant commitee, and she is worried that if they see he has diabetes and doesn't exercise, he may not get into the program. my father needed a heart transplant 10 years ago, so here we go again.. and I feel selfish but I just want the whole thing to go away because if anything did happen to him, besides being very upset myself, I just can not deal with my mother thru it again.
I had a bad dream about my brother a couple weeks ago. I just can't believe this is happening to my family again.
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oh sooo sorry you are going through this, it is very tough emotionally and mentally. My mother n law, is a serious diabetic, but she refuses to care for herself, instead, she gets all sad and depressed, saying that no one cares for her but then when we try, she brushes us off angrily and declares war against whoever tries to step in. Very frustruating, so many times, she has had close calls to getting her foot amputated and still she won't take care of herself, other people around her are diabetic and take care of themselves, but instead she wants people to feel sorry for herself. Sometimes it is frustruating but all in all I feel bad for her that she has pushed everyone away. I do pray that all goes well, these are the type of things that are beyond your control and the only thing that can be done is to just have good thoughts and hope for the best. Lots of hugs to you and meows from my JB.
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hi funnyfelines,
pls check your email.
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I am so sorry that you and your family are going through this. I know that sometimes things happen in a persons life to make them a stronger person. It is okay to ask for help or a shoulder if you need it just don't keep all of your feelings bottled up inside okay? Find someone that you feel comfortable talking too and tell them everything that is bothering you about your Mom and your Brother. I will be putting you and your family in my prayers.
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My youngest brother was a multiple organ donor, so I am on the opposite end of the stick as you. I can certainly relate to the course of events in your family. It seems these things do happen in threes. We lost my grandmother in January 1985, my 3 year old nephew in March 1985, then my 18 year old brother in July 1985. My heart goes out to you and your family.
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