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More Pics of my babies

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OK, coming up are our youngest babies, Koko Taylor and Muddy Waters. Mother left them at 10 days old (Koko's eyes weren't open yet), and we hand raised them from there. (The poopy diaper part was pretty interesting) Their 2 brothers now live with our best friends in Denver (Jake and Elwood), and collectively, these are the Blues Kittens (my mother left us and we have the blues)......

This is our darling Koko. She turned 14 weeks old today. Isn't she regal?
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Here is my Muddy.
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she is so cute!!!
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great looking cats
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very pretty kitty, i like the black cats, their hair just shines so pretty
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Koko does look regal! She's going to be a beauty! Well, she already is but I think you know what I mean!
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And here is the stump on our alpha Stumpy.
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My reds waiting patiently for their evening snack.....yes, I feed them on my kitchen table. They feel its much more civilized than say, the floor. Left to right: Stumpy, Pinky, Bob Marley and Scarlett.
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veeeery pretty indeed!! They remind me of my Mango that I lost last year send us more pics though!!
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Oh, I just love your baby black kitties! So beautiful! And that's a whole lot of Ginger on that table! LOL I think there's almost more Ginger than table!
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Ok, hope this works.... trying to paste a link here of Muddy and Koko's brothers Elwood (foreground) and Jake (background). They are about 4 weeks old. Elwood has 7 toes on his front legs and 6 toes on his back. Note the formula globules on his nose.....at 4 weeks they were just to squirmy to keep entirely clean with a washcloth.......


Thanks sicycat!
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Yay!!! I love polys
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oh my gosh, he's a cutie, this is the first time since visiting this forum for me to see kitties with seven claws, yours and Zoey!!! I'll have to tell my cat friends about this, they would be so weirded out about it and then love it at the same time Now I want one

the pic of all the orange cats I think is sooo funny, and it should be on the caption this
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You can actually count the toes on his front feet in this picture. The 5th toe from the left hasn't fully formed, but it is still there with small claw. His new mom clips his toes and we're always teasing her with "clip, clip, clip, clip, clip.....clip, clip" e-mails. He takes it very well.

He was the first polydactyl to show up in our neighborhood. His litter mates all have normal toes. At first we thought he was deformed and had "club-feet", but once he got to about 3 weeks old, it was clear he just had extra toes.

While it was VERY hard to adopt him out, his new mom and dad call almost nightly with Jake and Elwood stories. We have told them that while they are their mom and dad, we can still claim birth rites to them.

I LOVE kittens!!
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Zoey is almost a year and a half and her very small toe/nail in between her thumb and the other four never grew like the others! It's like she actually has 5 and 1/2 toes, so it makes the ones on the end look like thumbs
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