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More Toes and Tailer Pics

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Toes Hangin'

Evil Toes

Essence of Tailer

What's That?

Toes, Looking Harrassed

Jeff is on the couch and you've been honoured by Toes' back

Tailer, a side view

Tailer, slightly pissed

No, he's not drunk, he just looks it

Haughty, yet curious, Toes

Tailer's Turn, What's That?

Sexy Toes
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Great pictures!!!

Tailer looks a lot like my Sunshine. Such pretty orange and white kitties!!!

Give them scritches from me!
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Great pics! You've got some cuties on your hands!
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Aw they're beautiful Do you get to see them often?
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beautful cats!
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I just orange kitties. Great pictures
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I haven't seen them in person for over a year, but I'm planning a trip up to WY before the end of the year so I can smother them with Mommy love.

I talk to them on the phone and Mom sends me tons of pics.
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they are just so adorable.....
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Awww you must miss them so much..
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I love Toes' fluffiness and Tailer's expressions. I want to cuddle 'em both!
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cute, cute, cute~! Hope you do get to see them soon!
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Awwww, I love orange kitties! I can't imagine how much you miss the two of them. Hope you can have them soon.
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Aww... The T's are soo adorable!!
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Great pictures! Tailer looks like such a princess. (I can relate, I have one of those myself!) Toes is SO fluffy!! He looks so soft and snuggable.
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Red tabbies rule! What adorable babies! Toes is one big bundle of fluff-ball isn't he? He looks a bit like my Pinky!
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Toes is really fluffy and soft (and makes a good pillow--he once pushed my pillow off the bed and got under my head and I didn't even notice until I woke up the next morning). He also keeps himself very clean with very few mats.

Tailer is very much the princess. She's my girly girl and is very much aware of herself. But she's also too smart for her own good. I came in the bathroom one day and she was trying to figure out how to flush the toilet (it's a good thing the handle on that toilet was really stiff and hard to flush because she was jumping up and down on it).

I miss them tons, but I know they're happy so that's good.
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You're kitties are SO adorable.
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