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Some people are just ignorant!

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Hi all, just needed to vent about a conversation I had with an ignorant person yesterday! I have been up at my county fair every day because my husband does the first aid up there, well one of the other guys that does first aid and I were talking about how much our county humane society wants for a new building (3 million dollars). He said that he thought that it was was ridiculous amount and I asked him if he had ever been to that facility because it is clearly too small and falling apart! (I groom the animals there occasionaly for volunteer work) He then stated that they would not have that problem if they "got rid of some of their animals", SOmeone else piped up and said they thought that the adoption fee was outrageous and this other guy then says, thats not what i meant by getting rid of them and then proceeded to make a gun sound effect! I was so furious that I wanted to scream at him, but my husband has to work with him for the rest of this week, so I just stormed out of the building, but now I have to spend the rest of the week with him and I don't know how to be around him, I can only walk over to the animal barns so many times a day, lol. Does anyone out there think that I am overreacting or am I right to be this angry?
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You were totally right! I would give him some information and let him know he offended you with his remarks. Some people are just too dense to realise they aren't as funny as they think they are. Have your husband talk to him too.
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I appreciate the advice, bu I really don't think that talking to this guy is going to work, We have been doing this at the fair for about 6 years now and he has always been involved so we have known him, and I have never really liked him. He thinks that it is funny to play pranks on his kids so that they cry! He once told his daughter who is only 10 now and this was a couple of years ago, that her grandma would not be there to pick her up because she died! Her grandma was very much alive and on the way to pick her up!
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that guy is sick! there won't be anyway to get through to him!Hopefuly you can just stay away from him!
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You are right to feel angry I really don't know if I could have walked away without a pound of flesh from that jerk.
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no way are you over reacting, this guy is so stupied and so caught up in his self that i wouldnt give the time of day trying to explain anything to him, he is just a moron!!! people like that dont have a glue what life is all about do they? i get so mad at people like this, i can relate to what you are feeling, this guy i work with he was always saying stuff like that around me, knowing i am a real animal lover, one day i had enough, and looked him dead in the eye and said, you know what dave? i could shot you before i could a animal, he was a little surprised i think, he hasnt said much since sorry you have to be around someone so stupied, maybe he will jsut go away
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Yeah that is ignorant. I'd be very angry too.

That reminds me about right after 9/11 I was working one day (different job) and some guy behind me was asking his friend what they were going to do that night. Then he said, "do you want to go out and shoot a couple of rag heads?" They BOTH knew that I was married to an Arab (Iraqi) and boy was I pissed. I whipped around and said, "excuse me??" He gave me this nasty look and said, "I wasn't talking to you, was I?" I told him it diddn't matter. He said it loud enough for me to hear and that was what he wanted. I told him he wouldn't call a black person the "n" word in the workplace, or a hispanic a "spic" so he shouldn't be saying this either. I was going to drop it at that but he went around the building telling everyone what a "B*&%$" I was. So I went to HR and complained. The guy got fired.
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You are soo strong and gutsy to tell that guy off MzJazz!!! Thank you for standing up against jerks like that, we had to go through that also, but worse, my bestfriend who was wearing her scarf, was in line and this stupid biker and his family of children were in line in front of her and he turns around and says 'how do you feel about what your people did?!' She looked at him incredulous and said 'what people, I'm white!' My favorite though is when people tell me to go back to where I came from and I say 'I am from here, born and raised, where the hell are you from?!' and of course they don't know what to say, figuring me to be a foreigner and not speak english. Me speak it de engles very well tank u!
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Thank you all for sticking up for me, I have been avoiding him for this week, although I somehow got stuck in a card game with him yesterday and did not just want to get up and leave the other two that were playing, so I just ignored him and I pissed him off because me and my partner beat him at euker twice!! No small victory for me since I only play once a year.
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how is it going with that jerk?
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sorry it took me so long to reply, been a busy couple of weeks. I don't have to see him for another year. We only do this event with him once a year!!
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I'm happy to hear that you don't have to see this jerk for another year.
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