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Is this right?

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We got a new hotel in our town,they had a add in the paper,I put one in,but never heard back from them ,so I called them and they said well we decied to bring in our own people from out of state.We have a lot of people out of work here,and I thought that sucked.I have been doing this type of work for the last 20 years.And I wanted a job,and need one!
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It happens Sherral a lot of people recruit from inside and bring their staff with them when they take over new places. It is sadly, their perogative to do so.
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it still sucks.
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I agree with you sherral, If they are going to bring a new business into an area where people need jobs, than they should plan on hiring locally!
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I just got a phone call from my last boss,she had applyed at the hotel also.she called our mayor,he said when they got the ok to build here,they said they would hire local people and the mayor is very upset with them and has called for a meeting with them.Will have to wait and see what happen's.
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What a way to lose their permits! Looks like there may be some job openings after all.
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Good luck, Sherral, will be sending get-the-job vibes!!!!
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That is typical of the hotel business. We moved from PA to Michigan for Dan to work with one of his former bosses, in a hotel, as one of the restaurant managers. Usually there are some jobs not filled in this way, though.
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It's not right, but it's normal. I had the same experience last year when I was out of work for 6 months and looking actively.
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That really sucks. I hope the mayor goes after them.
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i agree that does suck, they put the place in your town or city, so they should hire local people to work there, no fair, hope the mayor gets some results for all of you, lots of luck
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Unfortunately, that's normal. They just take out the ad to seem as though they're willing to hire locals, even though they plan to hire from within. I'm so glad your boss called the mayor! Go get 'em!
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